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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Five for Memorial Day (not a Top Five as no one has a "Favorite" about the tragic consequences of War). An emotionally difficult list to compile, the songs range from simple and elegant to just plain horrifying. I dedicate this list to my late Uncle Philly (my Mom's older brother) who contracted Malaria in the Pacific Theatre during WWII which eventually killed him.

1. Find The Cost Of Freedom - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
2. Jimmy Newman - Tom Paxton
3. Requiem For The Masses - Association
4. Machine Gun - Band of Gypsys
5. Luang Prabang - Patrick Sky

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hey Bob Dylan, they wrote you these songs (sort of)

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan, born Robert Alan Zimmerman, May 24, 1941.
Five Bob Dylan (*by name) mentions in song:

1-Mr Jones and Me-Counting Crows
Yeah we stare at the beautiful women "She's perfect for you, Man, there's got to be somebody for me." I want to be Bob Dylan
2-The Seeker-The Who
I asked Bobby Dylan I asked The Beatles I asked Timothy Leary But he couldn't help me either
3-I Came to Dance-Nils Lofgren
I Ain't Bob Dylan, but, I never miss a beat.

4-Give Peace a Chance-John Lennon
Ev'rybody's talking about John and Yoko, Timmy Leary, Rosemary, Tommy Smothers, Bobby Dylan, Tommy Cooper,Derek Taylor, Norman Mailer, Alan Ginsberg, Hare Krishna,Hare, Hare Krishna

5- ?

* Don't have a # 5. Would add "Diamonds and Rust" by Joan Baez - certainly about Bob Dylan without mentioning him by name. Would accept anything similar.

DIAMONDS AND RUST (Words and Music by Joan Baez)
Well I'll be damned Here comes your ghost again But that's not unusual It's just that the moon is full And you happened to call And here I sit Hand on the telephone Hearing a voice I'd known A couple of light years ago Heading straight for a fall
As I remember your eyes Were bluer than robin's eggs My poetry was lousy you said Where are you calling from? A booth in the midwest Ten years ago I bought you some cufflinks You brought me something We both know what memories can bring They bring diamonds and rust
Well you burst on the scene Already a legend The unwashed phenomenon The original vagabond You strayed into my arms And there you stayed Temporarily lost at sea The Madonna was yours for free Yes the girl on the half-shell Would keep you unharmed
Now I see you standing With brown leaves falling around And snow in your hair Now you're smiling out the window Of that crummy hotel Over Washington Square Our breath comes out white clouds Mingles and hangs in the air Speaking strictly for me We both could have died then and there
Now you're telling me You're not nostalgic Then give me another word for it You who are so good with words And at keeping things vague Because I need some of that vagueness now It's all come back too clearly Yes I loved you dearly And if you're offering me diamonds and rust I've already paid
© 1975 Chandos Music (ASCAP)

The fifth one is A Simple Desultory Philippic (or How I Was Robert McNamara'd into Submission) by Simon and Garfunkel. (Ya Gotta Serve Somebody...).

hey ira,
yola reminded me of a 1966 release by the Mamas & Papas which has the lyric
"McGuinn and MacGuire kept getting higher" and also mentions Mr. D by name. (GS)

We overlooked this one by Bowie:

SONG FOR BOB DYLAN from Hunky Dory -nonkinsense

No, not The Green Lantern on his laborious languid anti climatic exercise in futility.

Monday, May 22, 2006

It's got to be Green Day to the Max...

Happy Birthday MG, must find way to fix broken PC. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Blogging)

Happy Mother's Day:

1-It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)-Bob Dylan

While preachers preach of evil fates Teachers teach that knowledge waits Can lead to hundred-dollar plates Goodness hides behind its gates But even the president of the United States Sometimes must have To stand naked. An' though the rules of the road have been lodged It's only people's games that you got to dodge And it's alright, Ma, I can make it
.2. Mother John Lennon
Mother, you had me, but I never had youI wanted you, you didn't want me So I, I just got to tell you Goodbye, goodbye
Father, you left me, but I never left you I needed you, you didn't need me So I, I just got to tell you Goodbye, goodbye
Children, don't do what I have done I couldn't walk and I tried to run So I, I just got to tell you Goodbye, goodbye
Mama don't goDaddy come home(repeat 9 more times)
3. Mother and Child Reunion-Paul Simon
No I would not give you false hope On this strange and mournful day But the mother and child reunion Is only a motion away, oh, little darling of mine I can't for the life of me Remember a sadder day I know they say let it be But it just don't work out that way And the course of a lifetime runs Over and over again No I would not give you false hope On this strange and mournful day But the mother and child reunion Is only a motion away, oh, little darling of mine
4. "I Wish I was your Mother,"- Ian Hunter I scream at you for sharing I curse you just for caring I hate the clothes you're wearing, they're so pretty I tell you not to see meI tell you not to feel meI make your life a drag, it's such a pity 5. Mama Tried-Merle Haggard The first thing I remember knowing, Was a lonesome whistle blowing, And a young un's dream of growing up to ride; On a freight train leaving town, Not knowing where I'm bound, No-one could change my mind ... Ira,
I can't place 1.-3. (without looking them up). My Five For Mother's Day (in your format):

1. M is for the many things she gave me (or as my Mother used to sing, "B is for the B in Brooklyn College"..)
2. Just someone his mother might know
3. Your mother's eyes, from your eyes, cry to me
4. Your eyes looked from your mother's face
5. Mother did it have to be so high
Donny ...I was going a little more esoteric. Only my first and fifth choices have Mother in the title (I was going strictly for Mother references, below are my Mom, et al. choices). My Mother titles are 2. Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy-Elton John 3. "39"-Queen 4. Franklin's Tower-Grateful Dead and 5. Mother-Pink Floyd

1. Mama Told Me Not To Come (Lori's Contribution) -Three Dog Night (Randy Newman)
2. Momma Don't Allow It - Martin, Bogan and Armstrong (Steve Goodman, et al.)
3. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle - ELO
4. Momma Miss America - Paul McCartney
5. Mamma Mia - ABBA (Lori's Contribution)
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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to Eric Burdon, the Peerless British Belter, matched only (IMHO) by the late, great Steve Marriott. Nine for the Man from Newcastle (Animals unless otherwise indicated) :

1. We Gotta Get Outta This Place (The original version, not the second one with the re-worked lyrics)
2. Spill The Wine - Eric Burdon and War
3. It's My Life
4. House Of the Rising Sun
5. San Franciscan Nights
6. When I Was Young
7. Monterey
8. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
9. Sky Pilot

Monday, May 08, 2006

Have a Cigar...

May 7th
On the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Siggy and the Couches from Austria, 15 to Ponder:

1. Happy Freuds - Nice
2. Dangling Conversation - Simon and Garfukel ("Can analysis be worthwhile..")
3. In Dreams - Roy Orbison
4. Dream Baby - Roy Orbison
5. Dream Weaver - Gary Wright
6. Dream A Little Dream - Mamas and the Papas
7. Dreamer - Supertramp
8. Dream On - Arrowsmith
9. Dream - Everly Brothers
10. On The Threshold Of A Dream (Album Title) - Moody Blues
11. I Had A Dream - John Sebastian
12. Last Night I Had A Dream - Randy Newman
13. Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife - Glen Campbell
14. Psycho Killer - Talking Heads (Also Pyscho Chicken - Fools)
15. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen (Lori's contribution) (There are many, many more...)
1-Have a Cigar-Pink Floyd 2-Dream Police-Cheap Trick 3-Mother-John Lennon 4- Series of Dreams - Bob Dylan 5-The Real Me-The Who

Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco De Mayo

Bueno! I left out the James Taylor and Steve Miller's Going to Mexico to keep it to five.
Subject: Re: Cinco de Mayo
1-Border Radio-The Blasters
2-Mexican Radio-Wall of Voodoo
3-Romance in Durango-Bob Dylan
4-My Old School-Steely Dan ("Well I hear the whistle but I can't go, I'm gonna take her down to Mexico...")
5-There's a James Taylor recorded song, with the lines "Oh, Mexico"...

Cinco favoritos por Cinco de Mayo,

1. Mexacali Blues - Grateful Dead
2. What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round - Monkees ("Just a loud-mouthed Yankee, I went down to Mexico.")
3. Henry - New Riders Of The Purple Sage ("Henry got pissed-off and said he'd run to Mexico..")
4. Mexico - Jefferson Airplane
5. Veracruz - Warren Zevon
El Donito

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Got to lay off the Johnny Cakes

Vito, Gino or whatever they're calling you, wise up, if I was you, this Sunday, lay off the Johnny Cakes and go see Girls on Top perform at the Court Street Festival.