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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Before They Make Me Run / In Search Of

I just realized something, NONKINSENSE, the Blog, Monster, with all the network of smart, talented, diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, politically aware, politically connected, college educated, attorneys, paras, rofessors, federal workers, non-college educated - the true smart ones, graduate school people, Models and Hand models, counting on THING of the Adams Family, actors, actresses, dancers, doctors, nurses, plastic surgeons, Life Supporters, teachers, local government workers, labor and bosses, business owners, small and large, homeland security ensurers, financial analysts, video editors, post production guys, film trainees, traffic and continuity, media buyers and Philly Flyers, Senators and their wives, MBA, Doctorates, Engineers, Computer Geeks and Musicians, can become a search engine of it's own, with it's own advertising client base. Only in America! Can this be done, can, Google, let me run and compete?!!??

And some people who once I thought were my friends and relations, ignored NONKINSENSE, most of his life. Nonkinsense, senses, something even bigger and better, ADDITIONAL REVENUE STREAMS, including rights to Rock, Jazz, Country, RnB, Folk, Concert footage, Broadway and Off Broadway Plays, Non fiction publishing electronic and print, alternate newspapers and magazines, music channels, cartoons, reruns, old commercials, radio and television, merchandising, merchandising, merchandising, antiques, auctions, art collections, video librarys, sheetmusic and chord chart electronic delivery, union and non-union musician jobs.


It's a Family Affair with EEGAH

I always knew EEGAH had an awful lot to say and one day he would create his own BLOG.


The stuff about his family and the cave may not make for comfortable reading.

The Electronic Soprano Crew: Our Gang Comedy

Dr.Melfi: I took the liberty of e-mailing your so called crew, Paulie Walnuts, Big Pussy, Christopher, Silvio, Hesh, Beansy, the guy from Eddie and the Cruisers, all of the Apriles...
Tony: Holy Shit, the Apriles?
Dr.Melfi: What's wrong with that?
Tony: Witness Protection Program, that what's wrong.
Dr. Melfi: They are your friends, what they did with the e-mails they send out, I can't really control. Who takes a look at the CC's, anyway?
Tony: TEN PEOPLE DO, I KNOW PERSONALLY, include the Godley and Creme, Crew.
Dr. Melfi: Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what that means, but, your friends have a great insight on you and what you're about.
Tony: No Shit, let's here it.
Dr.Melfi: The two worst mismatches (because they were very sad in their way) I ever saw were: 1. Michael Wendroff (a solo acoustic performer who had a minor hit with a song called "Southpaw") opening for ELO at Avery Fisher Hall. He was mercilessly booed off stage and 2. Tom Paxton opening for Chris Rush at Whitman Auditorium. Tom Paxton was mercilessly booed as the crowd was there for Chris Rush.
Tony: Goddam Paulie, Michael Wendroff??? Some Flash in the Pan??? If he's going to bring up the Fred thing in every one, I'm leaving.
Dr. Melfi: I need to continue, but, I need to call Timothy Van Pattern and Dick, for that matter , on the rest of these.
Tony: I liked the last one, hey, I asked for it. That's what Sopranosense is all about!

The Sopranos The Knockouts Episode

Dr. Melfi: Getting back to your friends, you have some rather passive aggressive tendencies there, don't you think?
Tony: What?
Dr. Melfi: Passive Agressive tendencies.
Tony: I know what you said, I put those words in your mouth.
Dr. Melfi: You or Number 24? And watch your spelling and those commas are freaking everybody out around here!
Tony: Don't get fuckin' wise with me. I put those words in for everyone, Number 6, Number 2, Starriders, Major Tom...
Dr. Melfi: There you go again cursing when referring to your talented musical friends, what, is it other than passive aggresive behavior?
Tony: Oy vey, takeh, The Knockouts are my SIMCHA, they know that, don't they?
Dr. Melfi: Probably not after Ground Control to Major Tom and the Vermont Teddy Bear references.
Tony: A fuckin, goof. It's all a tsimmes.
Dr. Melfi: That's all you want to say, it's all a tsimmes?!!??
Tony:( long pause ) no, there's other stuff, sometimes, it's hard to say in English, at least.
Dr. Melfi: Then say it the way you want.
Tony: The Yiddish books are great, Professor, I love them and the bagel chips, outstanding, you're great, you all are...Starriders takes a lot of bupkes from yours truly, I appreciate your good nature. ?!!?? I love you, Life Support is not for you. Ernie calm down, watch that temper, Roman, I noticed less and less mail over the past week, any reason ?!!??. Major Tom, a nice treat running into your Smash Cymbal, it was a SMASH for the Prophets and the Elvis'...My best temp job, ever, thank you, thank you, thank you...Looking forward to Sunday. Not looking forward to Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Show Me The Way...Show me the way out of Ultra Sound, if that's what we play.

Another Grey Area

I like it when people I know respond to NONKINSENSE. I can't tell you enough times, in between, the psycho babble, drug, baseball, product placement, pleas for additional revenue streams and Rock references. I hope people understand this is one way of me saying thank you and I could think of 24,57, 7, 12, 11, 2, 34, 46 and 67 other ways, still coming down the line:

1.Johnnie Johnson -the original Johnny B. Goode, he had an enormous impact on me and he hails from St. Louis. Nonkinsense adds, that's a great way to segue into another list:A) Pepper Martin B) Jack Rothrock C)Bill Delancey D)Dizzy and Daffy Dean E) Leo Durocher F)Ernie Orsatti G)Bob Gibson H)Dick Hughes I)Nelson Briles J)Julian Javier K)Mike Shannon L)Bobby Tolan M)Tim McCarver N)Joe Hoerner O)Orlando Cepeda P)Lou Brock Q)Buster Adams R)Stan the Man S)Whitey Kurowski T)Harry Breecheen U)Howie Pollett V)Marty Marion W)Phil Gagliano x)Enos Slaughter y)because we like you Z)Jofree Cross

EvenSteven 24 more Sopranos

Dr. Melfi: You're telling me that only one, two, maybe three people understand what you're saying and going through.
Tony: That's right, one or two and Number 24.
Dr. Melfi: Number 24? Are we back to the Prisoner thing again?
Tony: Number 24, absolutely sweet marie, Santa and drums57, you know, the Brooklyn crew, maybe a couple from Queens and the Island, one from Jersey, maybe, one from Westchester,LateNightr,HeightsBelmardgirl,MB.
Dr. Melfi: And the others?

More Sopranos-She's A Good Girl...

Dr. Melfi: You really have a hard on just talking with me, don't you. Why is that?
Tony: Nobody understands Sopranosense, really, certainly, not you, who the fuck are you anyway...You're a real piece of work yourself, sister, talking to the director of the Last Picture Show, as your shrink, or whatever, Peter, Bogdona... what the fuck is the last name, he's your doctor and mentor, and that Harvey Keitel, looking, guy, that's real scary... And that thing you did with Sean Connery and Mrs. Robinson, naked on Broadway for $200 a ticket, eat me, before I spend that kind of money, I'll just as soon go on line to the Free Celebrity Nudes sites.

Thanks Bev, Roy, Trevor, Ace, Jeff, RP,RIP-CW


The Best Of The Move (A&M SP-3625)
July 1973
by Bev Bevan
Side One
Yellow Rainbow (R. Wood)
Kilroy Was Here (R. Wood)
(Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree (R. Wood)
Weekend (B. Post-D. Post)
Walk Upon The Water (R. Wood)
Flowers In The Rain (R. Wood)
Hey Grandma (J. Miller-D. Stevenson)

Side Two
Useless Information (R. Wood)
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (J. Hanley)
The Girl Outside (R. Wood)
Fire Brigade (R. Wood)
Mist On A Monday Morning (R. Wood)
Cherry Blossom Clinic (R. Wood)

Side Three
Night Of Fear (R. Wood)
Disturbance (R. Wood)
I Can Hear The Grass Grow (R. Wood)
Wave Your Flag And Stop The Train (R. Wood)
Something (D. Morgan)
Omnibus (R. Wood)

Side Four
Wild Tiger Woman (R. Wood)
Blackberry Way (R. Wood)
Curly (R. Wood)
This Time Tomorrow (D. Morgan)
Lightning Never Strikes Twice (R. Price-M. Tyler)
Brontosaurus (R. Wood)

Once upon a time there were only three bands in the Birmingham, England area getting steady work and it was from these three bands that the musicians who formed the Move came. Trevor Burton was in one, Roy Wood in another and Carl Wayne, Ace Kefford and myself were in the third. All we ever got to do in those bands was play the hits of the day, and by 1966 we were getting tired of it.

There was a club called The Cedars where the five of us would get together every so often and jam. We got on so well that the idea to form a group amongst us began to seem like a good one. When we actually did form up, Roy named us the Move to signify the move everyone was making to join the group.

We began playing around Birmingham and built up a reputation. Managers and other record people would come up from London to see us, and one of them was Tony Secunda. He was a clever fellow, you know, with a lot of aggressive ideas. He recommended that we add dance steps to our stage act to be a little more showy. We did, he came back a few months later, liked us even more and signed us for management.

Secunda kept us working and had us do a four-song demo tape: two songs were current pop hits and the other two were early Roy Wood tunes. Nothing happened with those. The next thing was a Thursday night residence at the Marquee Club in London. We drew good crowds and that's where we really got into all those stage routines, like busting up televisions. Carl used to get all cut up doing that, and I picked up a few scratches as well; it was a crazy thing to be doing with all those kids pressing up against the stage. Luckily, we stopped it before anything terrible happened.

It was during the Marquee period that Secunda put us with Denny Cordell for record production, which brings us to the entire purpose of 'The Best Of The Move.' Tony told Roy he should be writing his own songs for the group to record. We all of a sudden had a record deal and we were on our way.

The first things we cut were two of Roy's early compositions, "Night of Fear" and "Disturbance." The latter was Roy's first serious attempt at songwriting and it was originally going to be the A-side of the single. It has horns and Cordell and Secunda screaming a lot in the background, bur the other side turned out to be more representative of the band's sound, and was a large hit in England. Taking both sides into consideration, it's really a very paranoid record; a lot of people thought they were very acidy songs, but Roy's never been into drugs. He simply locks himself in a room with his guitar and works all night on one song, one line at a time. You can perhaps call "Night of Fear" the distant forerunner of the Electric Light Orchestra, what with the Tchaikovsky and all.

The next single featured perhaps the Move's all time-time favorite Move song, "I Can Hear The Grass Grow." The title line came from a Tennessee Williams play, I think and it was another case of everyone thinking it an acid song. This was the opening number at the very last regular Move gig in the autumn of 1970 and it was just about the only one of our old hits we did that night.

"Wave The Flag" was the flip and was a conscious attempt to do a Monkees record. I mean that we wanted to sound like the Monkees; we were very conscious of the stigma of not playing your own instruments in the studio (that went on in England too) so we allowed the use of session men only when no one in the group could play the necessary instrument.

Mr. Secunda was very keep on keeping up with trends and he would periodically urge Roy to write a tune to fit with the times, while at the same time dressing us up in whatever clothes would grab attention for a month or two. During our flower-power phase in early '67, Roy wrote "Flowers in the Rain," which almost made it in America as well as being a major hit in Britain. Unbeknownst to us, Tony had a promotional postcard with an unfortunate picture of Prime Minister Harold Wilson printed up to push the single. A copy was actually mailed to 10 Downing Street, and lo and behold, we lost the royalties from the record in a lawsuit. Wilson was supposed to give the money to charity, though I can't remember which charity.

We recorded our first album in late 1967, and released it in early '68. The entirety of it comprises disc #1 of 'The Best Of The Move,' and it includes "Flowers" as well as nine more Wood songs and three group favorites written by others.

"Yellow Rainbow" shows Roy's lyrical knack again with its weird apocalyptic lines. This is Ace Kefford's lead vocal; usually, he functioned as the group's pouting glamour-man, and this is the only record on which he sang lead. "Kilroy Was Here" is a fine song derived from the phrases soldiers wrote all over walls in World War II.

"Lemon Tree," besides being our third B-side, was also the first song the Idle Race ever did. The Idle Race, by the way, is another Birmingham band and grew out of Roy's pre-Move aggregation. Jeff Lynne replaced Roy when the Move formed and later collaborated with Roy to form the ELO, joining the Move in the process.

Curiously enough, Dave Walker, the bloke who later sang lead for Savoy Brown and Fleetwood Mac, replaced Jeff in the Idle Race when Jeff joined us. Anyway, "Lemon Tree" is very much like their style of that time, and the Idle Race sound had a definite bearing on ELO through Jeff.

"Weekend" is an Eddie Cochran number Trevor used to sing on stage. He was a rocker and sang this stuff well; every band has its oldies and sundry favorites, right?

"Walk Upon the Water" is another misinterpreted song. It uses its imagery very well, but there's a blatant "don't drink when you drive" message at the end, and that's basically what it's all about. "Hey Grandma" comes from that great first album by Moby Grape and features Nicky Hopkins on piano. We played it on stage and I don't quite remember what it's doing here.

"Useless Information" is one of my favorites by Roy. It's a social commentary about all the garbage we have to deal with in modern society to gain its so-called benefits. Americans especially should relate to this very well. Appropriately enough, my first vocal effort comes next; our rip-off of the Coasters' version of "Zing Went the Strings of My Heart." For my big follow-up, you have to look to "Ben Crawley's Steel Co." on Message From the Country. I've promised all my fans I'll never sing on stage again.

"The Girl Outside" is one of Roy's first quiet tunes. I'm the only Move member featured on the final instrumental track, since it's all strings with a little bit of percussion. Roy played acoustic guitar, but that was ruthlessly excised somewhere along the line.

"Fire Brigade" is one of our classics. Its guitar line was inspired by Duane Eddy and it was lusty enough to get to #2, which was typical for our singles...only one of them ever made #1.

"Mist on a Monday Morning" is about a hobo's life and hard times. That considered, it's remarkably pretty. Finally, there's "Cherry Blossom Clinic" which would have been a single except for the fact that people were offended. They couldn't accept a song that seemed to take mental hospitals in anything but the most serious light. It's a strong number though, and we worked it into an elongated epic on stage, the studio version of which can be found on our second album, Shazam. The B-side of the proposed "Clinic" single was a political tract called "Vote For Me," the current whereabouts of which is a mystery. After our album was reasonably successful in England and buried alive in America (because we couldn't get it together to tour, the album was not released, and thus began a vicious circle which we are only now beginning to break), we looked into a couple of different things. We taped a live show at the Marquee for the purpose of determining how good we sounded. It wasn't for a concert album or anything like that, but we eventually released a five-song LP featuring a Byrds song (we liked the Byrds), a Love song (we liked Love), a Spooky Tooth song (we LOVED Spooky Tooth), another Eddie Cochran song and something we'd heard done by both Cliff Richard and the Shadows and by Jerry Lee Lewis. The LP, called 'Something Else From The Move,' has long since disappeared in England, along with the master tapes, hence its absence from 'The Best Of The Move.' Sorry.

The other different thing was doing a non-original tune written especially for the Move. Carl, who at the time seemed to want to be a balladeer, had a friend who wrote nice ballads, one David Morgan. His songs, "Something" and "This Time Tomorrow" were done by us as B-sides in 1968 and 1969 respectively. They're both good, but they suited a cabaret style more than the rock and roll Move. Morgan is still active and wrote all the songs for an obscure album by a band called Wishful Thinking; it was called 'Hiroshima,' I believe. He also performs a bit.

Our unreleased-in-America next single was "Wild Tiger Woman." It failed to hit in England, probably because it was too heavy. I never really listened to the lyrics very closely, perhaps because they were poorly mixed, along with the rest of the track. it was the last thing Cordell produced for us, and the mix may have something to do with that. It was supposed to be the B-side for "Omnibus," which in retrospect probably would have done quite well. Unfortunately, radio people in Britain rarely even listen to B-sides let along play them on the air. "Omnibus" has one of our first extended instrumental passages at its end, and combined with the raunchy guitar leads on "Wild Tiger Woman," it certainly made for an ambitious single.

In keeping with our press image of the era, we parlayed the failure of that single into headlines by giving interviews which stated the Move would pack it in if "Blackberry Way" did not go to #1. So, naturally, it turned into the only English #1 the Move had. It was quite a pop song, and it scared off Trevor, who wanted to get heavy. He unexpectedly quit the band something like the week the single hit the top. Very odd. He's still active (he recently played around Brum with a couple of ex-members of Fairport Convention) and has had his fingers in a lot of music over the years. He's a great musician, but he's never really found himself.

"Curly," our next single hit, Rick Price's first disc as Move bassman, and the only new product A&M happened to have when we surprised them by touring the US for three weeks in October, 1969, was a bit commercial for my taste, but good for what it was. The opening bit featured a recorded, and I think this song could have done with a little more power. A lot of rumors were spread that the song concerned Carl's pet pig; that was pure hogwash.

During this phase, we temporarily succumbed to Carl's Englebert urge. We played some cabaret clubs, doing medleys of our hits, "Walk On By," Gene Pitney songs and Carole King songs, all at low volume. It was fun, but hardly what we wanted to do, so we put a stop to it after a couple of weeks. Some of the songs we did, like "Goin' Back" and "The Last Thing On My Mind," made it to America in heavier versions, but basically it was a short-lived phase. Our second album, recorded shortly after the US tour, was more like us at the time. 'Shazam' was the effort that brought us from total obscurity in America to merely relative obscurity.

'The Best Of The Move' thunders to its conclusion with both sides of a single which must be termed as our overt reaction to our meteoric cabaret career, Rick Price's "Lightning Never Strikes Twice" and Roy's weighty classic, "Brontosaurus." I didn't think Rick's song was quite our style at the time, though some people really like it, and it does have a bit of our chunky sound. We very occasionally performed this live in our last days, and Rick re-recorded it on his subsequent solo LP.

"Brontosaurus" definitely takes everything to extremes, and is an appropriate finale. The prominent bass, always a Move trademark, is overwhelming, along with Roy's slide guitar. This was Jeff Lynne's first session with us to the best of my memory, though he may have played on "Lightning" (as may have Carl, too), and it was very representative of our live sound with Roy and Jeff on guitars. It, and other material from the 'Looking On' album, made up the bulk of our final stage repertoire. We stopped performing to begin recording the first ELO album, though we managed to get another Move album and some singles done as well. Rick couldn't afford to live in a recording studio like Roy and Jeff, so he essentially faded out of the picture until Roy formed Wizzard. I could, on the other hand, afford the rest because it gave me the chance to open some record shops before we put ELO on the road.

Viewing the Move with hindsight, it's easy to see our mistakes. People tell me we'd have been one of the top bands had we only toured America consistently, and given the critical reaction the Move has received in the last couple of years, perhaps they're correct. 'The Best Of The Move' is a monument to all that; a strong album, fully representing four years during which we simply could not get going in America, and showing the amazing writing imagination of Roy Wood. The Move has been something special, and I hope you'll hear more from them some day.

The Electric Light Orchestra
July, 1973

© 1973 A&M Records, Inc.

Used by permission of the author

Transcribed by Lynn Hoskins

"I note that it's now nearly 30 years since this album. We're still waiting to hear more from them some day!!"
- Bev Bevan, June 2003

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More much more Sopranos on the Couch

Dr. Melfi: We need to talk about your relationship with your friends, your family, your co-workers, they guys you play with
Tony: What do you want to know.
Dr. Melfi: How do they make you feel, what do you really want to say to them.
Tony: Fuck you, I said, way too much, have'nt you been reading SOPRANOSENSE?
Dr. Melfi: How can I avoid it you e-mail your entire personal address book with it anyway.
Tony: It's a Parody, a parody, ah fuck, you don't get it. It's about excess, goddam excess of life on the internet with no real fuckin' job no fuckin future a past made up of trivia, music, baseball, films and concerts and concert documentaries shot by the Maysles, DA Pennabaker, Leacock and Asscociates, that kind of shit. Michael Moore too, I like the cocksucker, guy has some balls.
Dr.Melfi: You realize not everybody understands your sense of humor on Sopranosense, it's pretty dark and the personal stuff, well, frankly, who gives a shit?
Tony: Fuck 'em I like when the guys laugh and respond to me in a positive or even negative way. I know I touch a fuckin emotional chord sometimes, others I'm breakin' balls, so fuckin' what, it's words a few sentences put together, trying to be creative, I ain't all fuckin' trivia and shit, although, that's the most fun stuff.
Dr.Melfi: Only a handful see it that way or will ever see it that way, Mr. Soprano, you can't change people's attitude about you, not with your background and history. Why be such an open book, why now, who cares, so few, call you on the phone, meet you for lunch, attend your concerts, reply to your e-mails, find time to get together, close those chapters or go back on medication, Mr. Soprano, you're freaking everybody out.
Tony: Yeah, fuck that, you know, I always wanted to fuck you.
Dr.Melfi: Since when, we'll need to talk about that.
Tony: Since when, since GOOD FELLAS!

Tom and Dick Soprano Brothers Episode

Dr. Melfi: You have not mentioned Christopher, your nephew?
Tony: It's complicated, very complicated, we're really brothers, that's more so the truth, if anything.
Dr. Melfi: You must love him very much then.
Tony: Yeah, so.
Dr.Melfi: So?
Tony: So What.
Dr. Melfi So what?
Tony: So what,that's what he said to me at Satriales Chinese Buffet the other day, so what. I wanted his opinion on all this, the creative stuff, the funny stuff, the baseball references, I wanted something other than so what, more Diet Coke.
Dr. Melfi: What did you want to hear:
Tony: This is really great, this stinks, it's funny, well done, I liked it, you've hit on something and the fact that you amuse so many people with this shit, it's really great, a little weird, I understand, but, the effort is something and you're making some use out of your free time on the computer, to be creative, show a little initiative, motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning, move people emotionally, give them a chuckle and do something unique...write...A writer writes.
Dr. Melfi: That's very ironic under the circumstances.
Tony: No shit, It ain't over 'till it's over!
Dr. Melfi: Is it over between the two of you.
Tony: It's not the same, but, it's never over, he ain't heavy, that's for sure.
Dr. Melfi: How so.
Tony: I owe him a lot I know, he kept all the shit and I do mean all the shit together. He kept the family, what was left of it, sane and moving towards a return to normalcy. He did it all actually, he was in charge, the bills, the apartment, the neighbors, the friends, the relatives, the visits, the buses, the subways, the cars, the mail, the food, the clothes, all the shit.
Dr. Melfi: And what did he want in return.
Tony: Nothing, just to see me take control of the family again and do the stuff he knows I do so well.
Dr. Melfi: What would you say to him if he was in the room right now and what would he say to you.
Tony: Vey Vaise, beast going, more diet coke, I need to get the papier.

More Sopranos, Three of more, much more.

Dr. Melfi: Why don't we talk about your friends you seem to be quite fond of them, are you not?!!??
Tony: Sure, they got my back, what goes on between the family, stays within the family, we all know the rules, we did not make them up from the suggestion back in Satriale's toilet. We live by honor, integrity, we do the right thing, by the family, always, no gray areas, it's black and white, white like the The Beatles White Album, Black as in Back In Black, AC/DC Cased closed! It's Blood on the Tracks, Street Survivors, Get Yer Ya Ya's Out, Abbey Road, Actung Baby.
Dr.Melfi: Then what about all those e-mails you send.
Tony: One or two keeps people in line, makes them laugh, laughter is the best medicine, that's my motto. What harm can I cause by askin' my guys for their 5 favorite keyboard players, female vocalists, concert venues, albums, singing bass players and song references about sex and drugs and rock n roll.
Dr. Melfi: You realize it's a very stressful time for people in 2005, there's an awful lot going on and an awful lot of fear and mistrust out there.
Tony: I see it alright, I see it everyday, in my underwear downloading music and suggesting a couple of songs to play later on, I see it. Jesus H. Christ, I see it clear as fuckin day, people are afraid of getting WHACKED, DICKED UP THE ASS, ELIMINATED, DELETED, CUT UP INTO FINE PIECES AND DUMPED ON CANDA AVENUE OR FRIGGIN LINCOLN TERRACE.
Dr. Melfi: And you would do that?
Tony: Of course not, what are you shittin' me, I'm nothin' more than an Independant Contractor without Medical Benefits, working for the same lousy nickel and dime I started with 8 years ago. Fuckin pathetic is what it is. I studied the Bass at the Collective and been playing more and more keyboards since Paulie Walnuts'Five Minutes to the stage or whatever the fuck they're calling it these days, I must say I like playing the fuckin' keyboards, not as good as Eddie Layton, Jane Jarvis, Uncle Floyd, Paul Schaffer, Geraint Waitkins, Dr. John, Professor Longhair, Johnnie Johnson, Billy Preston, Ray Charles, Leon Russell, Steve Winwood, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Booker T, Billy Payne, Chuck Leavell, Rick Wakeman, the guy from Strawbs or Gentle Giant, Fred, what the fuck?
Dr.Melfi: And what do you intend to do about it? Do you think of harming these people.
Tony: No fucking way, I wouldn't give them the GODDAM satisfaction of sending the friggin Government Corporate FCC Lawyers after me. Chill out, relax, laugh, cry, take a shit, delete, assholes, it's a joke, a distortion on reality. Reality sucks, I know, fuck that shit, enjoy one another, enjoy what we share and shared, enjoy the bobka, the lox, the macaroni salad, which none of you fucks, touched, the fucking bagels, flowers, and soft pretzels, enjoy the Afterlife, the Knockouts, Life Support, Found Money, especially that, The Liars, The New York Dolls, Your 15 minutes, Personal Noise, that's right, you heard me, The Burrito Bar, Mustang Harrys, Friggin Sallys, Molly, whatever the fuck the name is, the DVD's and tapes, The Orange Bear, The Bitter End, life's too fucking short to worry about my fucking Sopranosense blogs and e-mails. You won't get whacked by me, look at the guy next to you, in your fucking cubicle, you have to share with six other assholes, who's names you can't goddam remember after only two fuckin' weeks because there being downsized in another three months anyway.

The Sopranos on DVD Episode 2

Dr. Melfi: Don't you think it's time we talked further about your dream with the ducks, the Stag Party, your feelings about losing your mother and the deep depression that followed.

Tony: Time to move on, walk away, it was meant to be, there's an old Jewish saying, a time to live and a time to die, Life sucks big time, Doc, no shit, Sherlock. There's nothing more to talk about, case closed. Es tut zich nit azoi gut vi es redt zich.

Dr. Melfi: Have you taken your medication this morning?

Tony: I have.

Dr. Melfi: Whatever you say or whatever it was that you said. Es tut zich nit azoi gut vi es redt zich? Mr. Soprano, I'm sorry, but, talking in Yiddish, that's not something I fully understand. You're repressing your true feelings about the ducks, ducks deluxe, Brinsley Schwarz, Graham Parker, Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner, Terry Williams, John Cooper Clarke, The Palladium, Central Park, The Pier, The Bowery Ballroom, The Supper Club, The Motors, The Drongos, Oingo Boingo, The Police, The English Beat, Madness, sheer Madness, Mr Soprano.

Tony: Gadles ligt oifen mist.

Dr. Melfi: Yes, that I understand, Pride lies on the dungheap, go on.

Tony: Something Hesh told me when my Dad died at 65 of a massive heart attack driving home from a trip to New Hampshire and stopping the car at Rhynes Deli in Vernon Connecticut. One year after the greatest day of my life, walking out of the Hospital, after his month with double pnemonia and breathing only by means of respirator. He walked out of the hospital just liked I dreamt it would happen.

Dr. Melfi: Wow, Mr. Soprano, I had no idea, it must have been so very difficult for you then to have such hope and then have it shattered. You were close to your Dad.

Tony: You bet, my Dad thought every moment we spent together was worth more than a million dollars, every conversation was a means to rejoice and laugh and use your head, every bit of homework, learning to drive, seeing your family together, healthy and happy, regardless of the relationships, even for breakfast, was what matter to him. Money and possesion, greed, envy, distance, coldness, un-responsiveness, was not what he was about. He was the greatest and he was so proud and had such confidence in me and in the decisions I made... I wish there were more ways to say I love you Ira. I'm proud of you, you're my son...Feelings count most, our relationship is as strong and loving as ever. Have a happy life and a satisfying career in whatever you choose...Love, Dad (college gradutation card, hand written, 1984) .
Dr. Melfi: That's amazing, you're very lucky, I know it must have been devasting to lose your Dad when you were 28 years old, one year after you almost lost him.
Tony: You got that right, but, that other stuff, explains, a lot...I love you Ira??? I'm Tony, Tony Soprano.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005



The Sopranos on DVD , Episode One

Now on Nonkinsense:

Dr. Melfi: In this dream about the Ducks you go to a Stag Party on a cruise ship by the Chelsea Piers with your friends Big Pussy, Silvio, Paulie Walnuts, Christopher, who really is like your nephew and you have your all night poker game, is that what you're telling me?

Tony: Yeah, that's right, basically. There's a couple of other guys, but, I forget.

Dr. Melfi: Who are they?

Tony: There's John Douglas, Bill Nell, Jim Karr, Bob Murphy, Freddy Black, Chaim Rabinowitz, Tom and Roy, Dave Pervinia, Mick Rivers, Stan and Ollie Weed on Weed in the Morning, Mel Batch, Hank, Tosh and Scott Malberg. Yeah that's right give or take.

Dr. Melfi: And then what happens?

Tony: There's some Coke, some Diet Coke, we breakout the Vermont Teddy Bears, you know.

Dr. Melfi: I don't know.


Dr. Melfi: The usual guy stuff?

Tony: Guy stuff, nothin' else, guy stuff.

Dr. Melfi: What's your idea of guy stuff?

Tony: (long pause) WE get naked with the GIRLS on then we take out our Acoustic Guitars and Basses we made with the finest Wood from Pa. that Martin has. We're dancin' and drinkin' and then every Clear Channel Radio station goes off the air.

Social Distortion

After an enjoyable musical and comedy evening with the X Prophets, it was a total smash, I came to the command post to find four take out menus under my door. Three of them from Lalezar Turkish Restaurant on Avenue U, 11AM-11PM. Free Delivery $15 minimum upon location. One is from Cactus taco, steak cheese, burger and more...Nostrand Avenue. Brooklyn, NY. They also are offering free delivery by car Min. $8, limited area. I think I've found my advertising base, fast food menus delivered under your Apartment door. Give 'em to me, all of them, I save and cherish them all, because at NONKINSENSE it's all by EXCESS, EXCESSIVE CONSUMER, COMPUTER, INTERNET and MEDIA BEHAVIOR, BEATING PEOPLE OVER THE HEADS WITH MARKETING AND MARKET RESEARCH all in an effort to stay alive in the Computer Age and live in New York City and have Internet Access with the World at your fingertips seeking your busines and advertising. AD SPACE AVAILABLE, LOW RATES, BONUS WEIGHT, PROMOTIONAL and CONCERT TIE INS, CRUISES TO JAMACIA, LAND IN CENTURY VILLAGE, A FREE VIDEO PROFESSOR AND COUPON FOR TGIF, if you provide me with AD revenue from all your Takeout and Eat In fast food menus delivered free of charge right under your door, more than once, twice, three times, a lady.

Nonkinsense, it's about a talented, beautiful woman, playing with some other guys, sometimes, all of 'em, giving the MILLBROOKTREEMAN SALUTE. Posted by Hello

Top 5 Songs to Have Sex

I know that will get your attention, Top Five Songs to Have Sex to, all Venues, all positions, all cities, home and abroad:

1-My Ding A Ling - chuck Berry
2-Sex & Drugs and Rock n Roll-Ian Dury and the Blockheads
3-Sexual Healing-Marvin Gaye
4-Gimmie Some Lovin'-Spencer Davis Group
5-Stick it Where the Sun Don't Shine-Nick Lowe

Mars Nonkinsense needs Women:

1-Woman-John Lennon
2-A Woman Got the Power-The A's
3-She's A Woman-The Beatles
4-I am Woman-Helen Reddy
5-Mars Needs Women-Peter Wolf

Nonkinsense likes Girls , Girls on Top, especially!

1-Girl-The Beatles
2-This Little Girl is Mine-Gary US Bonds
3-Thank You Girl-The Beatles
4-To All the Girls-Julio and Willie
5-Goodbye Girl-Squeeze

Girls on Top, Friday, April 1, PJ Hanleys, 449 Court Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, New York, No Cover, Food and much more, 8-11PM

Ground Control to Major Tom

On board the USS Enterprise:

Captain Starriders: Major Tom, Nonkinsense, Nonkinsense, Major Tom.
Major Tom: So we finally meet Nonkinsense after years in the tin can on Murray Street. Where is the Vermont Teddy Bear you promised me?!!??
Nonkinsense: Lost by Ground Control Shipping sir, no waybill number, no tracking. I suspect lost somewhere in Lexington, Kentucky, I'm afraid. I'm sorry I let you down. I'm sorry about such attitude of mine. I'm sorry I'm so weird and esoteric, idle and feeble minded and scary.
Major Tom: Can it Nonkinsense...Your Vermont Teddy Bear was too inside even for the state of Minnesota and Hopkins, let alone, Madison, Wisconsin. I'm quite upset that you ran away with Mike's keyboard. What sin can one man make in a single LIFETIME, I do not know.
Nonkinsense: I wanted to be clever, funny, amusing, thought provoking, get some Positive Energy goin on the ship.
Major Tom: Positive Energy, that's not your job, here, Leutenant, that's for Admiral D.GRAY. Your a temp here Nonkinsense, don't forget it, a per diem, an Independant Contractor, only, just check it out with the IRS. You're not even all that Johnny Friendly, these days, are you.
Nonkinsense: I have to say what I feel, even if it's perceived the wrong way. It's not like the past anymore. I can't afford to be dismissed, disrespected, ignored, told to walk away, close that chapter, misled, misunderstood, pigeon holed, pre-judged, wishing harm would come to him, cursed, robbed by a criminal pre-teen with one arm and a hook for the second arm for my Bus pass, Beaten Up by and spat at by a Gerristen Beach teen for wearing an Islander Jersey to school. I use a lot of exaggeration and distortion, Major, for effect, like an effects or WAH WAH pedal.
Major Tom: I see, but, your mission was to acquire advertising and proper product placement, nothing, more, nothing, less. You think you play the keyboards well, Nonkinsense?!??
Nonkinsense: I bring a certain musicality to it. What I can't do, I try to entertain the paying customers on stage. Some won't forget the Crazy Thing Called Love on the floor with fake nose and glasses at the Bitter End.
Major Tom: Trust me, some will, some will try, I hope they succeed, frankly.
You're a very funny man Lt. someone,not me, could use your creative talents. You have a brain and you now like to use it, you're very resourceful Nonkinsense. But, what are your plans for the future, how can you live this way?!!??
Nonkinsense: I make new friends and try to keep the old ones. It's the best I have to offer.
Major Tom: Very profound, Nonkinsense, you're an above average keyboard player, without much training, very entertaining, in a unique kind of way.
Nonkinsense: Thank you Major, it means a lot. I know it's not just blowing smoke up my ass and patronizing me. I do feed off an audience and would get quite depressed to see only two people come out when I'm on stage, one of those being the Captain's long suffering wife.
Major Tom: I like the way you put things Nonkinsense, you can put together a couple of sentences and you know how to use Blogs and E-mail. It's a shame you're only a temp around here.
Nonkinsense: It's a competitive universe Major, I understand, totally, Hey, have a good time, enjoy the company you have and you have cultivated, make them laugh, laugh with them and feed off their Positive Energy because you may be dead come tomorrow. Come this Friday, April 1, go see Girls on Top, 449 Court Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, 8-11PM, No cover. While we're at I recommend the Jerry Vivino Quartet at the Dancing Goat, April 8th, South Orange Ave / Voss Ave, New Jersey.

Washington Senators Fan Appreciation Day

Nonkinsense will be taking the show on the road in a couple of weeks to DC in order to attend a Nationals Sunday afternoon game with the Diamondbacks at RFK Stadium, former home of the HOGS and some Heffers. With that in mind, on Opening Day, at RFK, who will throw out the First Ball as tribute to the great legends of the Washington Senators, past:

1-Frank Howard 2-Bernie Allen 3-Casey Cox 4-Dick Brosnan 5-Paul Casanova 6-Brant Alyea 7-Del Unser 8-Chuck Hinton 9-Jim Shellenback 10-Mike Epstein, thanks Steve, I did a quick :30 Atoning for the sin of using Pete Broberg?-questionable ?!!??

Have a Nice Life

Life Song Titles Only:
1-Life During Wartime-Talking Heads
2-I Love the Night Life - Alicia Bridges?
3-In My Life-The Beatles
4-That's Life-Frank Sinatra
5-Life in the Fast Lane-The Eagles

Sneak Peak

Nonkinsense Sneak Previews, designed for his readership and potential Movie Studios and their Film Openings, maybe:

1-Sopranos takeoff of guitar makers and engineers.
2-Top Five Venues All time to get HIGH on music, includes out of town venues, past and present.
3-Top Five Favorite Albums the complete list.
4-Songs that open with drum or bass lines only.
5-Rockers named Ian or Trevor.
6-How do you pronounce Geraint Waitkins?
7-Where's Brinsley, Man?
8-Where's Ronnie?
9-Top Five Ways a Band wants to get rid of you.
10-Top Five Ways to get out of a Band
11-Top Five Drug Reference Songs
12-Top Five Music Documentaries, concert films , tours, etc.
13-Song Titles with Song
14-Top Five Places to Work, all time, includes out of town.
15-Worst Five Places to Work, all time, includes out of town.
16-Top Five Female Vocalists, not counting Starriders, all time.
17-Top Five Female Songwriters, all time, not counting Starriders.
18-Top Five Male Vocalists, all time, not counting Starriders.
19-Top Five FM Radio Stations, all time, including out of town.
20-Top Five AM Radio Stations, all time, including out of town.

Ad Space Available

Nonkinsense Ad Space Available with Bonus Weight:

(with all apologies to the Marley estate, One good thing about music, is that you can some day cash in on your consumerism )

1-Bose 2-AOL MusicNet 3-Yahoo Radio 4-XM 5-Sirius 6-IPOD 7-I Tunes 8-The new Napster 9-BMG CD CLubs 10-Rod Stewart standards 11-Oldies collections 12-Rhino Records 13-Razor and Tie 14-Joe's Pub 15-BB Kings 16-The Beacon 17-Clear Channel Concert Promotions 18-Radio City Music Hall 19-Madison Square Garden 20-The Blue Note 21-Ticket Agents, all of 'em 22-e-bay 24-CD 25-Craig's List
26-Complete Pink Floyd Box Set 27-Led Zeppelin complete box set 28-Re-mastered Dylan Catologue, complete 29-Paul McCartney on Tour with Mastercard. 30 The Eagles Reunion for $250 a ticket at Bargain prices sitting behind the stage up-stairs.

Prisoner '05 The Lost Episode.

Prisoner '05 Time Wounds All Heals, The Lost episode, found with dirty and disgusting, decaying 16mm prints at Carva and one 35mm at Bonded, Ft. Lee:

#2: I've had it with you number six, I'm done, kiss it goodbye, you don't want to conform and be like everybody else, not my problem, let number 1 have the tsuris. I'm headed for Spring Training for the St Louis Cardinal and Florida Marlins in Jupiter Florida.

#6: Roger Dean Stadium, a very nice place, splendid, a Ball Park, named for the artist who did Yes album covers in the seventies.

#2: You're impossible, I was kidding about Jupiter, it's far better than Uranus. I read your entire Port St. Lucie file, very entertaining, it is. Just wait until you get to Jazz Fest. Who's Buster Adams, number six?

#6: 1-2 Homerun plus injury, that's who. 1946 St. Louis Cardinals, Strat-o-Matic, baseball, Old Timers Edition, had for years, since I was twelve.

#2: Enough, I know all that anyway, why did I even bother. Read my lips, number six, NOBODY CARES, NOBODY, CERTAINLY NOT THOSE YOU SEND E-MAILS TO, BELIEVE ME, NOBODY CARES...when your through repeating that here's another: NO NEW ESOTERIC IDLE FEEBLE MINDED OVER THE HEAD OVER THE TOP DISTORTED PUZZLING SIMPLY WEIRD MIXED 105 MESSAGES, CERTAINLY NOT 102.7. Trust me, as a friend, you're freakin' everybody out, here. Trust me, the keyword is hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Those that don't hate you are afraid of you. Afraid, Afraid, Afraid, Afraid, Afraid, Afraid! One or two may feel sorry for you. Sorry, Sorry, sorry, sorry, so sorry, sorry, so sorry, sorry, so sorry!

#6: At least one person came to my emotional rescue with a comment early on.

#2: One number six, God help us, that one was Xareaux, we all know about that anti god trouble maker and non believer.

#6: Come on, let's play, WHY DID YOU RESIGN, I SWEAR on XAREAUX, I'LL let you know.

#2: Swearing to Xareaux, that's so typical of you number six, you really are a herectic.


#2: You're hopeless, you really are, on or off meds.


#2: You sit alone in your studio without Meds in your underwear listening to music, writing e-mails and then for a few hours you play the same songs from the 60's and 70's each night before and eating at Chinese Food Buffets. Pathetic really, it is. You're a temp number six, a per-diem, an over taxed Independent Contractor, always and forever. Go work on ACT II or load discs in some jukebox while replacing a ribbon.

#6: I am a temp and proud to be one...I got sunshine on a cloudy day, when it's cold outside, I got the month of May...

#2: Stop it Stop Stop it, Stop in the name of LOVE!

#6: GOTCHA. GOT PJ HANLEYS APRIL 1, 449 COURT STREET, CARROLL GARDENS, BROOKLYN, 8-11 PM, NO COVER, no Deb,unfortunately, but, a great time is guaranteed for all.
#2: I'm outta here, there's no more times you can bring back Leo McKern.

Cashing IN

Cashing IN on my love of music, now, legal downloaders, IPOD and personal stereo makers, take note.

1-If I Were A Rich Man - Tevye, original cast album, Fiddler on the Roof w/Zero, Mostel, that is.
2-Ten Cents A Dance-Word-Lorenz Hart, Music-Richard Rogers
3-Money Changes Everything-Cyndi Lauper with a cover of the Brains, from Ga.?
4-Money-Beatles, B. Strong? songwriter, B. Gordy ?
5-Money-Pink Floyd
6-Money for Nothin'-Dire Straits
7-Take the Cash-Wreckless Eric
8-Dead Presidents - Junior Wells?
9-If I Had A Million Dollars - BareNaked Ladies
10-No Money Down-Chuck Berry
11-The Big Payback-James Brown
12-Brother Can You Spare a Dime- Words-E.Y. Hartburg Music-Jay Gorney
13-The Gold Digger's Song (We're in the Money)-Words-Al Dubin Music-Harry Warren

Broken Yiddish

Nonkinsense, we're tired of your self indulgent, product placing, advertising seeking, cynical, manipulative, ways. Give us your Broken Yiddish that you know not well:

1-Blut iz diker fun vaser. (Blood is thicker than water)
2-Vi der tate, azoy der zun. (Like father, like son) (I hope that's the meaning)
3-Kleyne kinder loznnit shlofn; groyse kinder lozn nit ruen (Small children don't let you sleep; big children don't let you rest.)
4-Vos iz eygn iz balibt. (One's own is beloved.)
5-Di vos vaksn nit, vern kleyner (Those who do not grow, grow smaller)


Nonkinsense Myths:1-People care and generally like what you have to say. 2- You need to get laid more often 3-Nonkinsense is only about being self-indulgent while still seeking advertisers 4-The Doctor knows what has to be done. 5-The Hospital will take good care of you. 6-You need a good attorney fighting for you. 7-If he/she was elected, he/she must know something 8-The company looks favorable on what you do, your experience, being a team player, getting along with others, asking questions, offering ideas on how to be more effective, making progress, working overtime, overnight, evenings, weekends, Jewish High Holy Days, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Year's Day, Purim, Shabbos. 9-Therapy can help 10-Your Mom will be fine 11-Collectively, the Coop and the Club cares about you 12-Popular Ford values you as a long time customer and wants your business in the future. 13-They know you personally at the Bagel Stores and Delis. 14-The community and your Mom's building is there for you. 15-The Rabbi is there for you. 15-An Employment Agency, Temp or otherwise, can get you a job, you like that respects and can fill a job with your Broadcasting and some Music experience 16- The New York Times Job Market has an awful lot of good paying, real, career, jobs, advertised, each Sunday. can help you find a job has the job for you 19-Taking computer classes at the New School, NYU or any Adult Continuing Education will help land that special job. 20-You can be an AVID editor 21-Working at Viacom and Worldvision Enterprises was very rewarding 22-Vick E. is your supervisor she/he knows the effort you make. 23-We respect you and what you do, can you go down and get me a coffee and cinnamon danish; get something for yourself, while you're down there and call for the car, before they put you on the front desk. 24-The neighorbood restaurants need to clean their kitchens to avoid health code violations in this city. 25-Working for the City is something to consider. 26-Look at The Chief for jobs. 27-You can sell your baseball card collection and vinyl records on e-bay and somebody will buy them. 28-Your comic book collection is worth something. 29-Your hockey, baseball, football and basketball autographs are worth something 30-Your Team Canada, Paul Henderson, #9 Jersey, has to be worth something, by now.

Honorable Mentions

Nonkinsense forgets the mention the Honorable Mentions, sometimes:
1- Computerized Scrabble Maven Advanced playing 2-Stat-O-Matic baseball playing 3-Yankee and Brooklyn Cyclone cap wearing 4-Unbeatened board game Clue playing 5-Two Boggle and Perquacky owning 6-Former New Jersey Devil partial plan holding 7-California Baseball Stadium vacationing 8-National Archives, Washington DC, Seinfeld cast member sighting 9-Hard Rock Cafe Anniversary of the Electric Guitar in Washington DC T shirt owning 10-New York Mets and Yankee t-shirt and long sleeve owning 11-Holland import vinyl owning of Dave Edmunds Rockpile album, before the actual Rockpile 12-Squeeze autograph from J&R Music 1980 or so, East Side Story promoting. 13-Shook hands with Ian Hunter after a Gary US Bonds Summer Concert at the Pier, W 42. 14-Ran into Miami Steve on way to the Columbus Circle Subway hand shaker 15-Jerry Vivino Quartet fan and autograph holder 16-Uncle Floyd DVD owner off E-bay. 17-Orange Bear stage performer 18-Bitter End stage performer 19-The Wicked Monk stage performer 20-Brooklyn Day Camp stage performer 21-Piano lessons with B. Ulanoff, sixth grader for 6 mo. 22-Studied with S.Marks, Bass Collective, 6-7 years 23-New York Knicks,when they were good and of entertainment value attending 24-Snow out Yankee Stadium Opening Day attendee at make up doubleheader vs White Sox, in the early 80's 25-Personal friend of some of the Drongos, from New Zealand 26-Attendee with D.Massingil of a Bob Dylan/Tom Petty MSG concert late 80's / early '90's 27-Rod McDonald No Commercial Traffic Owning. 28-Drongos Small Miracles pictured on album cover, 1980's outside W 58th and Broadway opposite CATS, which was playing. 29-Death Of a Salesman with Brian Dennehy ticket buyer 30-Music Man with Eric McCormick, ticket buyer, 31-You're a Good Man Charlie Brown and or 1776, first Broadway theatre experience. 32-Saw Henry Fonda and Jane Alexander on Broadway in First Monday in October during a Matinee. 33-Documentary film lover 34-DA Pennebaker, Albert Maysles admirer. 35-A Hard Day's Night DVD owner, my first. 36-Concert For George DVD owner, it's really great! 37 MST 3K second convention in Minnesota goer 38- MST 3K DVD and Videotape and T-shirt and poster, including This Planet Earth, owner.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Johnny Friendly and The New York Mets

Nonkinsense wishes to sincerely thank Johnny Friendly and the New York Mets, this one's for you, one day, I'll say, "I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a contender, not just a bum or the ultimate product placer, baby boomer, post baby boomer, hippy, punk, new waver, disco, world music loving, environmentalist, yuppie, marketed, politically correct, profgenX, single, white, Jewish, 40 something, On-line obsessed, legal music downloader, DSL owning, cell phone and digital camera owning, bass, guitar and keyboards in need of a tuning, owning, non fiction reading, and e-bay using, hungry, dieting, a couple of times on month working out at the Gym, movie going, TKTS using, Spring Training attending, Jazz Fest Traveling, Baseball tickets printed on his computer, friend making and losing, lonely, Type A,B, C and D, Blood pressure medicine taking, sheet music collecting, eye and sun glass wearing, in need of a ear wax cleaning and manicure, hyper, obsessive, shy, polite,kind,surveyed, former volunteer for Liz Holtzman for Congress, Subway taking, Parking Garage using, Newspaper buying, On Line reader, owner of a Vermont Teddy Bear, Discount Store shopping, FedEX and UPS using, messengered, Maintenance man moving, Electrician seeking, gas and stove maintaining, leaky too small an air conditioning using, Window treatment having, Bose owning, Windows XP using, some knowledge of Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, A+ and Network Administrating, Paralegal Certified, Broadcast Technician, ex radio audience, Stairway to Heaven requesting, music and record store calling researcher, Film Trainee, AVID 2 week class taker, paper towel, tissue and tiolet paper using freelance,no health benefits, in need of a good attorney and accountant,consumer,which is what I am,":

Sympathy for Mr. Met:
Please to meet 'ya I'm Mr. Met
And What's Troublin' you is the nature of my blood and sweat.

I was there when Cleon Jones cried how was I suppose to know she was only fifteen

I was there when there was a Jew, Art Shamsky, but, one of the few.

I was there when the black cat crossed, Leo Durocher and the 1969 Cubs.

I was there when Richie Zisk, was thrown out at home plate, from a throw off the tip of the fence in left field.

I was there when Mookie, made Bill Buckner, a household name.

I was there when Carter, Knight, Mitchell, made imposters of McNamara, Clemens, Schiraldi and Stanley

I was there in Kennedy, when Darryl first got busted for guns and beating his wife.

I was there at Laguardia, when Doc went to rehab on drugs.

Please to meet 'ya, I'm Mr. Met...

Nonkinsense Capitalism

Nonkinsense and Adsense perfect together, sure sounds that way to me. Nonkinsense does sell out in a way faster than you can say Chicago or Bruce Springsteen Videos. Some possible advertisers:
1-DVD sellers and renters 2-Concert promoters 3-Ticket Agents 4-Diet Pill makers 5-Cosmetic makers 6-Hair Replacement 7-Home Entertainment systems 8-Satellite and Cable manufacturers 9-TV listings 10-Movie openings 11-Bars and Clubs 12-Musical Instrument Makers 13-Custom made musical instrument makers 14-Publishers 15-Political Satirists 16-Politicians 17-Museums 18-Restaurants 19-Unions and Labor 20-Labor 21-At Home Work Companies 22-Employment Agencies 23-Free Lancers 24-Lobbyists 25-Cell phone makers 26-Digital Camera makers 27-Auction sites 28-Major League Baseball 29-The NHL 30-The NBA 31-The NFL 32-Arena Football 33-Indoor and Outdoor Soccer 34-Real Estate Listings 35-Coops for sale 36-Estate sales 37-Attorneys 38 Paralegal services 39-Musical Instrument Repair 40-Cold and Sinus Remedies 41-IBS Remedies 42-Funeral Homes 43-Religious Services 44-Airlines 45-Cruises 46-Car Makers 47-Car Repair 48-Digital Camera and Cellphone Repair 49-Fast Food Places 50-Movers 51-Handymen 52-Hardware Stores 53-Apartment Living 54-House Beautiful 55-Magazines 56-Newspapers 57-Wireless computer makers 58-Adult Continuing Education 59-Pre-school 60-Summer Camps 61-Day Care Centers 62-New Age Relaxation Recordings

Celluloid /Cellophane Prophet Hero

Nonkinsense, instead of using Starriders' guitar and keyboard charts, all the time, use one of your own, or one from the Kinks appreciation website. Makes sense for Nonkinsense, all you Cellophane Prophets out there, you can thank me now or thank me later or visit my advertisers one day. Even Nonkinsense believes in the American and very British Musical Way.

Celluloid Heroes
The Kinks

Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star
F#m Bm G A
And everybody's in movies, it doesn't matter who you are
Bm F#m
There are starts in every city
In every house and on every street
C G [see below for corrections -dte]
And if you walk down Hollywood Boulevard
Their names are written in concrete

Don't step on Greta Garbo as you walk down the Boulevard
She looks so weak and fragile that's why she tried to be so hard
But they turned her into a princess
And they sat her on a throne
But she turned her back on stardom
Because she wanted to be alone

You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard
Some that you recognize, some that you've hardly even heard of
People who worked and suffered and struggled for fame
Some who succeeded and some who suffered in vain

Rudolph Valentino looks very much alive
And he looks up ladies dresses as they sadly pass him by
Avoid stepping on Bela Lugosi
'Cause he's liable to turn and bite
But stand close by Bette Davis
Because hers was such a lonely life

If you covered him with garbage
George Sanders would still have style
And if you stamped on Mickey Rooney
He would still turn round and smile
But please don't tread on dearest Marilyn
'Cause she's not very tough
She should have been made of iron or steel
But she was only made of flesh and blood


Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star
And everybody's in show biz, it doesn't matter who you are
And those who are successful
Be always on your guard
Success walks hand in hand with failure
Along Hollywood Boulevard

I wish my life was non-stop Hollywood movie show
A fantasy world of celluloid villains and heroes
Because celluloid heroes never feel any pain
And celluloid heroes never really die

You can see all the stars as you walk along...

La la la la....

Oh, celluloid heroes never feel any pain
Oh, celluloid heroes never really die
I wish my life was non-stop Hollywood movie show
A fantasy world of celluloid villains and heroes
Because celluloid heroes never feel any pain
And celluloid heroes never really die

Tosh, Tosh,Tosh, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

Steppin Razor
* Add to Favorites * Send to a Friend *
If you wanna live
Treat me good
If you wanna live, live
I beg you treat me good

I'm like a walking razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous
Said I'm dangerous

If you are a bully
Treat me good
If you are a bully, a bully
I beg you treat me good

I'm like a stepping razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous, dangerous

If you are a chucky
Nobody chucky from me
If you are a chucky, a chucky
Nobody chuck from me, Yea


I'm like a chopping razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous, dangerous

If you eat asphalt
I beg you treat me good
If you drink lead soup
You better treat me good


If you are bull bukka
Nobody buk from me
If you are duppy
You move away from me


I'm like a stepping, walking
I'm dangerous, dangerous

If you wanna live
Treat me good
Warning you if you wanna live You better treat me good

I'm like a stepping, walking, cutting, flicking,
jumping,chopping, walking
I'm dangerous(2x)
I'm like a stepping, jumping, flicking, bumping, boring
I'm dangerous(2x)

If you drink mortal
Treat me good
And if you eat brick
Treat me good

I'm like a flashing laser and a rolling thunder
I'm dangerous(2x)
I'm like a stepping razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous, dangerous

Treat me good
If you wanna live
You better treat me good

Talking: ...You don't through a fifth of the trilliation
I go through...
Only a name would be here to represent...

If you wanna live
You better treat me good
You could a drink lead soup
I'm dangerous
You could a eat asphalt
I'm dangerous
You could a eat brick crackers
I'm dangerous...
I saw the sun...Fucking dangerous...

Reasons to be Cheerful / Paint it Black II

Nonkinsense is so successful, the only success, his creator has seen in his life. To allow Nonkinsense to play music so often, sit and do practically, nothing but listen to music as a per diem / Independant Contractor, sells his Mailing List to Pornographers and charges them lots of big blog $$$ to support him. It could be worse, I could sell the Mailing List, to real Advertisers and you'll find many Diet Pills and Penis Enlargement Systems in your e-mail boxes...Oh, I forgot my Focus Factor, that shit, happens, already, never mind.

Paint it Black, very black!

Nonkinsense, why are you doing all this, the personal stuff, the e-mails, the lists, the trivia, the pictures, the emotional stuff, the inside stuff, the music stuff, why, Nonkinsense, are you feeling alright?

Never better, actually, I appreciate everyone's thoughts and concerns. Nonkinsense is a very cynical 42 year old man at this point. In case I die prematurely on my way to Jazz Fest at the hands of cold, insensitive, clueless, incompetant doctors and staff, maybe one or two in my electronic family, will, wonder, what happened to that guy?!!??

The Prisoner '05 Episode 3: Closure?!!??

#2: Did you do exactly what I said, did you restrain him at Lincoln Terrace, with his mother's Afghans, Pillows, Chair and Ottoman with Glick's Chicken and Roberta's Desk in full view.

Midget Assistant: Absolutely, Sweet, Marie!

#2: Nobody wil get that my amusing small person and stop calling me Marie, not in this parody.

Midget Assistant: Whatever you say boss, hey, you're really looking more and more like Victor Spinetti.

#2: Yes,Yes, I get that all the time, it's been a hard day's night. Did he tell you why he resigned?

Midget Assistant: Not really, he had a awful lot of wierd esoteric things to say, but, in his Brooklyn accent, it was hard to make it all out.

#2: The drug treatment takes time, damn it! Tell me everything he said.,

Midget: Ok, PS 194, Kingsway Jewish Center, Hebrew School, Rabbi Fink, Mrs. Mittleman, Dr. Pincus, Mrs. Balbert, Mrs. Tuller, Klapper, Beast, Skitch, The Berger King, Cropsey, Mapo.

#2: I know, I know, early childhood and public school shit, means nothing. What else.

Midget: Youth Group, Cunningham, Stuyvesant, The King, Happy Hank, Blimpees, Andrew, Tuna Fish, Potato Chips, The Bear, Bennett, Cram, Bel, Mah, Esp, Lap, Niel, Tesp...

#2: Yes, Yes, Yes, we know already, he likes to entertain his brother's friends, even, all drugged up. What else?

Midget: 40 Worth Street, New York Law School, The City, Personel, Accounting, Pensions, State Consumer Protection, Civil Service Technical Guild, Pushcart,Joblot, Ruby's, Tony's of Worth, Deal, Century 21...

#2: We're getting nowhere, this is all old stuff. Tell me the recent things he said.

Midget: 47 Murray Street, Orange Bear, Found Money, Bruce, Mike, Chris, Marty, Bitter End, String of Pearls.

#2: I said more recent!

Midget: Let's see, Monday Open Lunch Time Jams, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, 7 Night to Rock, Mystery Achievement, You Did'nt Have to be so Nice, Knockouts, Max Feinstein...

#2 Wait, I think you're on to something with that last one. We finally getting Number Six to conform, something on the surface he always wanted to do, be like everyone else and conform, get another full time dead end job with medical benefits, find someone who understands him. At last, number six, your Nonkinsense days are over and done with.

Midget: Don't hit me boss, but, the computer printout, said Number 66 not Number 6. I thought it was funny that he said WNNNNNNNN BC and first time long time on the FAN.

#2: I'm ruined, I'm totally ruined and Leo Mckern is dead!

Midget: There, there.

#2: Where, Where?

Midget: I know what can help put a smile back on that Victor Spinetti face of yours. Girls on Top, Friday, April 1, 8p-11p at PJ Hanley's, 449 Court Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Nada cover Baby, don't be a fool come on down and have a great time with us, they have great food and #6, will, likely be there. No DEB, NO GOT, this time, sorry to say.

Throw out your TV's and Home Ent. Systems

Nonkinsense has been getting a much better sleep these days on a regular basis. It seems by spending most of my time on my PC and On-line, I avoid the tales of human cruelty, Show biz, Major League Baseball, The NHL, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, Relacore, Focus Factor, Health Code Violations and George Whipple, cranking out of my television set. It seems to work. Here are some things I miss about watching television:

1-Hockey 2-Joel Hodgson 3-Mike Nelson 4-MST 3K 5-Crow 6-Tom Servo 7-Gypsy 8-Cambot 9-Dr. Forrester 10-TV's Frank 11-Mary Jo Pehl 12-Brain Guy 13-Jim Mallon 14-The Master 15-Deep 13 16-Hired 17-Chicken of Tomorrow 18-Johnny at the Fair 19-Mr. B Natural 20-The Knee Test 21-Marriage 22-Eegah 23-Beatnicks 24-DaddyO 25-Torgo 26-Hotel Looge 27-Manos 28-Skydivers 29-Night Train Munde Fine 30-John Carradine 31-Bert I Gordon 32-Sampo 33-Ilya Mourametz 34-Glen Manning 35-Mitchell.

Caring about getting a job

Family Friend: All this is very creative, but, you're not getting any money for it, or are you?

Brother #2: No, I'm not. It's really a positive outlet for me, keeps me away from the Doctors, Therapists and Drug treatments, I can't afford. Can't afford to loose my life over it, I know that from experience.

Family Friend: Well, I know the medication helps so many people and they're coming up with new ones all the time to help people.

Brother #2: For some, it works, for me, it hurts, for Mom, it killed.
But, I found something, I think I'm pretty good at doing, I enjoy making people laugh, getting some attention and making a positive impression. That's what I enjoy, and most people, I know, now, seem to like it or at least are slightly amused. A writer writes, I learned that from Billy Crystal's character in "Throw Momma From the Train,"

Brother #1: We all got the irony in that one.

Family Friend: And you brother #1, what, have you been doing?

Brother #1 (long pause) Relaxing, enjoying myself.

Family Friend: How are you able to relax?

Brother #1: I get the paper, do the puzzle, have Chinese, watch Jeopardy on tape, listen to music, The Fan, and stay up for the rebroadcast of New York Sports on One at 4-5AM.

Brother #2: I wish I could be like Brother #1, he has mastered the stress free life, totally. I wish I could get a fraction of the satisfaction in life he gets in his life. It would be great to ignore the Computer Age, sleep through it, until the end. Wow, to be able to keep your calendar at 1975 is a great thing, a WNEW-FM, calendar, at that.

The Wrath of Starriders

On board the USS Starrider Enterprise:
Lt. Nonkinsense: Captain, that, stuff I sent, were only suggestions. I don't live and die with any of it, really.

Capt. Starriders: Understood, lieutenant, Understood...By the way, like all your other means of employments, this five year mission, will be coming to an end for you, after the next mission, I hope you understood that. If it was up to me things may be different, lieutenant, you do a fine job, around here, really.

Lt: Wow, Captain, I understand, but, had no idea. Pretty Ira ronic I must say, kinda' makes me laugh.

Captain: One thing I like is Loyalty, and lieutenant, your ethical, kind and generous foundation goes un-rivaled around this ship. The bagels were something else. I did not get to try the bobka, the soft pretzels left a good taste. But I have to answer to others. Major Tom is here in a tin can, waiting for his Vermont Teddy Bear, you promised him, months ago.

Lt: Understood, Captain, It's a competitive universe out there, I'll be the first to admit that. It's been a fun ride, always, especially, doing the Lovin' Spoonful and one Nick Lowe / Brinsley Schwarz song. I can't thank you enough, I'll be forever in your gratitude. One more thing, how do you attract those beautiful talent communications officers, my god, Lt. Uhura, she's really special.

About saying Thank you.

At Nonkinsense, it's always about saying Thank you, in case I forget my focus factor.

Track Title: I Thank You
Album Title: Stax / Volt Singles, '59-'68, Vol. 9

Prime Artist: Sam & Dave
Background Vocal: Ollie & The Nightingales
Drums: Al Jackson, Jr.
Guitar: Steve Cropper

Keyboards: Isaac Hayes (aka Ed Lee)
Producer: David Porter
Producer: Isaac Hayes (aka Ed Lee)
Written by: David Porter

Written by: Isaac Hayes (aka Ed Lee)

(I want everybody to get up off your seat)
(And get your arms together, and your hands together)
(And give me some of that o-o-old soul clapping)

You didn't have to love me like you did
But you did, but you did.
And I thank you.

You didn't have to squeeze me like you did
But you did, but you did.
And I thank you.

If you took your love to somewhere else
I wouldn't know what it meant to be loved to death
You made me feel like I've never felt
Kisses so good I had to holler for help

You didn't have to squeeze me but you did
But you did but you did
And I thank you.

You didn't have to hold me but you did
But you did but you did
And I thank you.

Every day was something new,
You pull out your bag and your fine to-do
You got me trying new things too
Just so I can keep up with you.

You didn't have to shake me like you did
But you did but you did
And I thank you.

You didn't have to make it like you did
But you did but you did
And I thank you.

All my life I've been shortchanged
Without your love baby, it's a crying shame
And now I know what the fellas are talking about
When they say that they been turned out

I want to thank you (thank you)
Thank you (oh, baby)
Thank you baby (yeah, yeah)
Oh baby (I gotta be thanking)
Got to say

(horn break)

You didn't have to love me like you did
But you did, but you did.
(And I thank you.)

You didn't have to hold me like you did
But you did, but you did.
(And I thank you.)

Thank you (thank you, baby)
Baby (Got to thank you)
Baby (oh, baby)
Thank! I've! Got! I've got to (thank you baby)
Thank you baby (oh baby)


Transcribed by Todd Peach

Oh Brother, Where Art, Now!

Younger One: So, I'm able to publish my stuff on the Internet for free. People like the stuff, some don't, some think it's weird and too inside. I printed the stuff up.

Older One: (to waitress) Another Diet Coke, please. (starts reading, without reaction, not even a raised eyebrow)

Younger One: So what do you think?

Older One: (facial movements, one shrug of the shoulders)

Younger One: What does that mean?

Older One: (more facial movement, shrugs)

Younger One: Did you like, hate it, laugh, think it's funny, what?

Older One: So.

Younger One: So? Did you like the baseball references?

Older One: So

Younger One: So?

Older One: So what

Younger One: So what? There was nothing you enjoyed reading?

Older One: So what, it's nothing.

Younger One: The pizza's still there on the buffet,next to the dim sim and spare ribs.

Older One: Somebody took one of the pizzas, I saw.

Younger One: You checked.

Older One: Yeah, more diet coke, please.

Emotional Rescue

A Nonkinsense, Time out, to say, thanks, to his readership. You've helped me in ways, you probably, don't realize. I appreciate your eyeballs, blood, sweat and tears, friendship and e-mail addresses. For many of you, I know you appreciate Blood Sweat and Tears, at least, the early years.

Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue Lyrics
Is there nothing I can say
Nothing I can do
To change your mind
I?m so in love with you
You?re too deep in
You can?t get out
You?re just a poor girl in a rich man?s house
Yeah, baby, I?m crying over you

Don?t you know promises were never made to keep?
Just like the night, dissolve in sleep
I?ll be your savior, steadfast and true
I?ll come to your emotional rescue
I?ll come to your emotional rescue

Yeah, the other night, crying
Crying baby, yeah I?m crying
Yeah I?m like a child baby
I?m like a child baby
Child yeah, I?m like a child, like a child
Like a child

You think you?re one of a special breed
You think that you?re his pet pekinese
I?ll be your savior, steadfast and true
I?ll come to your emotional rescue
I?ll come to your emotional rescue

I was dreaming last night
Last night I was dreaming
How you?d be mine, but I was crying
Like a child, yeah, I was crying
Crying like a child
You will be mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, all mine
You could be mine, could be mine
Be mine, all mine

I come to you, so silent in the night
So stealthy, so animal quiet
I?ll be your savior, steadfast and true
I?ll come to your emotional rescue
I?ll come to your emotional rescue

Yeah, you should be mine, mine, whew
Yes, you could be mine
Tonight and every night
I will be your knight in shining armour
Coming to your emotional rescue
You will be mine, you will be mine, all mine
You will be mine, you will be mine, all mine
I will be your knight in shining armour
Riding across the desert with a fine arab charger

Listen to the Doctor!

Son: Doctor, my brother says upon your initial Five minutes with my Mom, that you're saying it's Alzheimers.

Doctor: And you are?

Son: I'm her son. She's sharp, warm, caring, funny, insightful, vibrant, energetic, extroverted as anybody you'll ever meet, up until a couple of weeks ago. Her memory is as good as mine.

Doctor: She could not repeat the sequence of numbers I gave her.

Son: She's living in the horrors of Depression, doctor.

Doctor: She could not repeat the easiest set of numbers to remember...I never seen anything like it before. It's the onset of Alzheimers, nothing else, could explain it. She'll be better after the medication starts working.

Son: She'll be better? You're telling me she has Alzheimers, you're giving me no hope that she'll be better.

Doctor: That's my floor, I have to go to lunch.

Son: How are we going to treat my Mom, Doctor?

Doctor: You can talk to me only when I'm on the Floor, in my office, 10-11AM, Monday and Wednesday. The hospital's voice mail system does not work and I'm unable to retrieve any of my messages. 10-11AM Monday and Wednesday.

Son: Thank you doctor, have a good day.

What's It All About Nonkinsense?!!??

Those of you who could not get through the last piece, I don't blame you, it's a tough read. Those of you who still are paying attention, I want your comments. It's about Communication. It's also about fun, F.N. Unbelievable, Fun, I might add.

Nonkinsense, what's it all about?!!??
1-Friends 2-Making new friends, lots of them, talented ones, generous ones, communicative ones, emotional ones, with e-mail addresses. 3-Time (I went to bed) 4-The Keyboards 5-Food, Take out, lots of it. 6-At last, finding old friends, emotional ones, communicative ones, caring ones, funny ones 7-Family 8-Travel 9-1:55 AM 10-Responsibility 11-Knowing where you came from 12-Being alive adn awake 13-Being Friendly, Johnny 14-Alone 15-Happy 16-Proud 17-Resourceful 18-Courage 19-Best Intentions 20-A song or two 21-Playing 22-Jamming 23-Joking 24-Poking 25-Picking 26-Pocketing 27-Getting Paid once or twice 28-Bills, (just wait 'till they get a look at Bill Pecota) 29-Cars 30-Strat-O-Matic 31-The Ramones 32-Dylan 33-Rockpile 34-Coleco Hockey 35-The drums & bass 36-Florida 37-Jazz Fest 38-Rockville 39-Cleveland 40-Berlmar 41-Life Support 42 GOT 43-The Knockouts 44-Country Eastern 45 The Crisis 46-George, 47-Steve 48-Boo 49 Hiss 50 Swine 51-Xareaux 52-Starriders 53-Profjen 54-Studio I 55- Pure Pop 56-Pop Staples 57-not about Staples 58-Duck Dunn 59-James Jamerson 60 Paul 61-John 62-Paul 63 George 64 Ringo 65-The Move 66-The Apartment 67-Windows 68 XP 69 AOL 70 Downloads 71 Digital Photography 72 DVD's 73- New Things 74-The Past 75-The Future...

It has to be about something, right, it is, at least in my mind...

Thanks for taking some of the journey with me, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I know it's a rough one. Thanks to Journey for not suing me just yet on the copyright infringement of the name, Thanks to Journey for Lights, I'll forgive you for the other stuff.

Fuck, I Forgot My Focus Factor Again

The following I never want to hear for the rest of my LIFETIME. Focus Factor does not like the times you told them over the phone, they also say you ran the wrong copy. Believe or not in my Nonkinsense old bitter and resentful age, I forget a couple of things, others I do not, Just say NO to:

McDermott, Altshuller and Bushman, Bay Ridge, Coney Island, Gracie Square.

Nonkinsense, it's about correcting a female Russian doctor's subbing for the regular insensitive,Alzheimer calling and be done with it, don't know how to return calls on my voice mail system, improperly injecting my Mom with an unknown, un reported, chemical, causing a raging paranoia for days, weeks even, and then lecturing me that "she's just like my mother, she'll have her very bad days and she'll have her bad days." Cunt, I value my Mother, every single thing she offered and that does not do it all justice, was positive, inspiring, funny, caring, courageous, motivating, amazing, astounding, inspiring and loving, she was the community, the best it had to offer. You could have learned a thing or two, you lousy piece of shit, ignorant, cold, insensitive, excuse for a human being let alone care for a 76 year woman in the horrors of depression because she loved her family, life and their lives, which could have been much more progressive, too much. There are a staggering amount of people who were touched by mother and can never forget her influence: Mother, Sylvia Maislish Nonkin. My non medical opinion , nobody will ever give two shits, remembering you, I don't?!!?? I have to live with your error and misjudgement the rest of my life and I can live with myself very well thank you, now.

Nonkinsense, it's not all trivia, Psycho Babble, Fraudelent Doctors wanting you to be medicated for the rest of your life on fraudelent shit for brains drugs, word play, weird, Rock music from the 5o's-early 90's, amusing. Ok it's a tad self indulgent...But, every now and then, you have to have some guts and speak up. Sometimes there's stuff worth fighting for and give it everything you have, cause without it, there's not a lot. Ain't that right Zimmy, Bob, Dylan, Jokerman, don't tell me you're filing a suit for this?

Trust yourself,
Trust yourself to do the things that only you know best.
Trust yourself,
Trust yourself to do what's right and not be second-guessed.
Don't trust me to show you beauty
When beauty may only turn to rust.
If you need somebody you can trust, trust yourself.

Trust yourself,
Trust yourself to know the way that will prove true in the end.
Trust yourself,
Trust yourself to find the path where there is no if and when.
Don't trust me to show you the truth
When the truth may only be ashes and dust.
If you want somebody you can trust, trust yourself.

Well, you're on your own, you always were,
In a land of wolves and thieves.
Don't put your hope in ungodly man
Or be a slave to what somebody else believes.

Trust yourself
And you won't be disappointed when vain people let you down.
Trust yourself
And look not for answers where no answers can be found.
Don't trust me to show you love
When my love may be only lust.
If you want somebody you can trust, trust yourself.

Copyright © 1985 Special Rider Music

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

Just when I thought I reached out to my non surveyed, market researched, Advertising Johnny and Joanie Friendly, under 55, upper middle class, readership, I got this piece of Spam in my - nubian girls love cokk. Cokk, is that a Canadian Radio Station? That was not quite the response I wanted from my readership. Then again I'm alone here with my best friend, my PC and my e-mail, ready to take my pants off...and go to sleep. Before I go though, in the interest of market research,, I hope the server is not down and the website is responding.

Monday, March 28, 2005

To our Readers...

Readers, not related to me, who still care, if I'm alive, I need your non-advertiser support right now. This is not a 2 hour Pledge break for Concert for George with Cousin Brucie, talking, at you cousins. It's Cousin Nonkinsense, I need your help. Tell me it's not total bullshit, the ending of "It's A Wonderful Life," when all of George's friends and family arrive at his home to bail him out financially and show their love. Obviously, Frank Capra, did not have my friends and family, necessarily, in mind. I don't want your money, I want your eyeballs and your comments, even your e-mails, you know where to send it, I think there's maybe one or two with my address on them. It's not about me, me, me, just feast your eyes on The Prisoner, Episode #2, until I figure a way to disguise my selling out for the Big Blog Bucks with Advertisers, Pop up Ads and Pornographers.

Doin' The Thing That We Want To"
album _New Sensations_
(Lou Reed, 1984)

written by Lou Reed

The other night we went to see Sam's play
doin' the things that we want to
It was very physical it held you to the stage
doin' the things that he wants to

Doin' the things that he wants to

The guy's a cowboy from some rodeo
doin' the things that he wants to
The girl had once loved him, but now she want to go
doin' the things that she wants to

Doin' the things that she wants to

The man was bullish, the woman was a tease
doin' the things that they want to
They fought with their words, their bodies and their deeds
doin' the things that they want to
When they finished fighting, they exited the stage
doin' the things that they want to
I was firmly struck by the way they had behaved
doin' the things that they want to

Doin' the things that they want to

It reminds me of the movies Marty made about New York
(doin' the things that he wants to)
Those frank and brutal movies that are so brilliant
(doin' the things that he wants to)
"True Love (Fool For Love?)" meet "The Raging Bull"
(doin' the things that he wants to)
They're very inspirational I love the things they do
(doin' the things that he wants to)

Doin' the things that I want to

There's not much you hear on the radio today
(doin' the things that we want to)
But you can still see a movie or a play
(doin' the things that we want to)
Here's to Travis Bickle and here's Johnny Boy
(doin' the things that we want to)
Growing up in the mean streets of New York
(doin' the things that we want to)
I wrote this song 'cause I'd like to shake your hand
(doin' the things that we want to)
In a way you guys are the best friends I ever had
(doin' the things that we want to)

Doin' the things that we want to

That we want to
A true love

The Truth as told to Jeff Beck, kinda'

Here at Nonkinsense, our team of award winning Local New York Emmy Award Winning for local news, scare tactics, blizzard predicting, bloody murdering, body parts and bags, Perp Walkin', Car,Fire,Dirty Health Code Violationed Restaurant,Zagat Survey, Entertainment Tonight Promoting, Jay Leno is next followed by Conan, Live at Five, Good Day New York, Channel Niene,In the Papers, Inside City Hall, Transit Report, sports on 1, Five Day and Travelers Forecast, Michael Jackson appearing, Sex and Dog Show reporters, are working around the clock in their underwear, in a non union shop and NEW-FM Silver Palace Dave Herman Hooded Swetshirts 1986 and FAN and MIX Softball Jerseys, to bring you the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If that don't work, fuck it, we make shit up, everybody, including the New York Times does it.

Ira ronic

A writer writes -"Throw Momma from the Train," Billy Crystal character to his students. There's a lot of irony in that one, Mr. Crystal.


Morry was going all the years he would stay at Harry and Lil's to what he thought was Harry's Barber. Until one day, after 20 years or so, he asked the Barber, you know my brother Harry, the barber, much older by then and hard of hearing, answered, Hairy, I could take a bisell off, but, I know of no Harry, Berke or otherwise.

Nonkinsense, oh yeah, it's about how I loved Uncle Morry, Morrie, Maury, Murray, etc.

Over stressed, over weight, over 30

You got that right, certainly over 30 and over stressed. Things that stress me out:

1-Premiere Radio Networks 2-United Stations Radio Networks 3-Global Media 4-Clear Channel 5-The Fan 6-Jammin' 7-People who forgot my name Jammin' 8-Parking 9-Popular Ford 10-Cingular Wireless 11-Kodak Digital Cameras 12-Voice Mail 13- Hair replacement systems 14-Penis enlargement 15-Breast enlargement 16-Asshole reduction 17-Doctors 18-Lawyers 19-Paralegals 20-Continuing Education 21-Syn-dick-ation 22-AOL 23-Verizon DSL 24-IJ Morris 25-Emmons Avenue 26-Nostrand Avenue 27-Business with their signs in something other than English 28-Relaxation Recordings 29-Dell 30-Microsoft 31-Video Professor 32- The Professor ( not you Jen ) 33- Mary Anne 34-Ginger 35-Green Tea Herbal extract 36-Blue Green Algae 37-IBS 38-IRS 39-April 15th 40-Delta 41-H&R Block 42-Duane Reades, all of 'em 43-Rite Aid 44-Starbucks 45-Sprint Wireless Stores 46-Kinkos 47-Staples 48-The vanishing live music scene in the Village 49-The closing of CBGB 50-Still Awaiting the return of The Bottom Line 51-Still awaiting the return of Mannys 52-Still awaiting the return of Tramps 53-Still awaiting the return of Bay Plaza 54-Mets Bullpen 55-Yankee Bullpen 56-Major League Baseball 57 Major League Baseball juiced up on Fox 58-Fox 59 Fox News 60 The Factor 61- The Return of A Current Affair 62-Chuck and Sue 63-Dana and Ernie 64-Roz Abrams 65-In the Papers 66-Wise Guys 67-Inside City Hall 68- NY1 Sports 69-Madison Square Garden 70-Cablevision, no hockey, piece of shit Knicks team, no refund?!!?? 71-The Knicks 72-Hockey 73-My friends?!?? 74-Temporary Knockout status 75-My bass playing 76-My keyboard playing 77-My guitar playing 78-The MTA 79-The B and Q 80-Q 81-Power 82-Citibank 83-Chase 84 Met Life 85-Ford Credit 86-The Davis Agency 87-Employment Agencies 88-The Job Market 89-The New York Times 90-The New York Post 91-The Daily News 92-VH 1 93-MTV 94-VH 1 Classic 95 BET 96 Bet Jazz 97 Following or preceding LIfe Support 98 AOL MUSICNET 99-CBS Evening News 100-Censorship.

Politics Today

Politics Today?!!??

The Republicans stand for every thing evil un-democratic and un-American, the Democrats stand for nothing. The Independants are wanna' be Republicans who can't make it in Showbiz.

Things I've learned on-line

Al Gore, a million and one thank you's. Tipper, thank you as well, there are so many free Porno Websites and dirty offensive lyrics I can spend my time with while writing e-mails with the other hand to both red and blue states. Al, I still think you had a shot, this past November, if you ran, you're a Southerner, a "liberal," a "moderate," a "conservative," "inside the beltway," "outside the beltway," everything you want in a successful candidate. Free Speech, at the prices on the Internet?!!?? Everybody Sing for the Children, Michael Jackson and Dubya cares for!!!

Tipper what's that sticker sticking on my CD
Is that some kind of warning to protect me
Freedom of choice needs a stronger stronger voice
You can stamp out the source but you can't stop creative thought

Ah Tipper come on, ain't you been getting it on
Ask Ozzy Zappa or me we'll show you what it's like to be free
Ah Tipper come on it's just a smokescreen for the real problems
S&L deficit the homeless the environment

Hey hey all you all you senator's wives
Better take a good look at your own lives
Before you go preach to me
Your definition of obsenity

Ah Tipper...

The irony it seems it seems to me
It's un-American policy
Yeah, we come so far but still only to find
People like you with ignorant minds

Ah Tipper...

Ah Tipper..

Thank you and god bless the Ramones for the above. Thank you and god bless Howard Dean and the new Democratic Party along with Senator Miller from Georgia for serving to protect us and keep our trying to get laid without protection and experiment with old censored no evolutionary text books and over crowded gun and knives drugged up legally and illegally and boozed up high school aged sons and daughters away from a misguided foreign policy and a corrupt and evil war.. Way to go guys, you got my vote, locked up.

Full Frontal Nudity at least, at last!

With just three readership comments, that's 2 more than at bats Tom Walsh had as a 1919 Chicago White Sox, I'm beginning to think Nonkinsense is wasting his time. My time (life) could more productive getting dressed and looking for work or repair the many burned bridges created. For now, screw that, I need your eyeballs, it's not like I'm going to present this shit to Advertisers to support Nonkinsense one day?!!??

Ten Ways to get more eyeballs linked to Nonkinsense. link link link link

Only a Song!

Song, Song Titles Only:

1-This Song-George Harrison 2-Song Song Blue-Neil Diamond 3-A Song for Jeffrey-Jethro Tull 4-Songs from the Wood-Jethro Tull 5-Song for George-Rod Stewart 6-Your Song-Elton John 7-The Song is Over-The Who 8-Only a Northern Song-The Beatles 9-Song for You-Leon Russell 10-It's the Same Old Song, thanks Lori-Four Tops, I forgot that Lori was in the original title when it was released. 11-Life's A Long Song-Jethro Tull 12-The No No Song-Hoyt Axton 13-Sing a Song-Carpenters 14-Song for Guy-Elton John.

Not for nothing, the definitive Sister in Law Song: Michelle-The Beatles. The definitive name in music that says you're a guitar player-Les Paul. The most over played Band in FM playlisted out of town researched radio, it's a tie- Zep and The Doors.

The Prisoner '05 Episode # 2

#2: We are getting nowhere, Number 6, Don't try my mental patience, WHY DID YOU RESIGN?

#6: Hey, what happen to the other guy, the Leo Mckern looking guy?

#2: There you go again #6, being very weird and esoteric and Idle, again. Stop laughing Stag, you too, Donny. There's HELP for the three of you.

#6: Personally, I'll go with A Hard Day's Night.

#2: You're a very funny man Number 6, very funny. Why did you resign?

#6: Who wants to know, who is Number One?

#2: Them bones, them bones, them, dry bones...Quite Exhausting, We do this every time, you are number six, I am number two, why did you resign?

#6: Kinda' catchy, you must admit.

#2: I have no time for your wit Funny Man, Advertisers and the entire Broadcast Radio Industry are afraid of you and the many words you know how to use, they have no clue, not to mention, Satellite Music Distributors and amateur musician clubs, along with their entire database, large bagel shops and the Kosher section in Silver Star. They can have you eliminated sooner or later, so, for the love of GOD and Dhorvitz,Justin, Renee, Kerry, Bush, Cheney, Dick, Jane, Kevin, Carol, Winky, Rocky, Jones, Gamera, Finley, Dave, Suzanne, Lou, Sheryl, Reed, Sweet, Jane, Maggie, May, Trudeau, Nora, A Nice Piece of Gum, Coleman Francis, Tony Cardoza, Bert I, Roger Corman, Peter Graves, Eddie Crane, Moon, Mr. Bayliss, TV's Frank, TV's Riddler, Batman, Robin, Ellen, Manny, Linda, Randy, Ronnie, Lori, the Mouse, Bert, Ernie, Steve, Marie, Laura, Deb, GEOT, Tonia, Theo, Chris, Gary, Walter,Tom, Mike, Found Money, Bruce, Chris, Cloud, Mydrum7, Gabe, Pete, Eric, Veal, Larry, Bryne, David, Steve, Watson, Rob, McKenzie, John, 18, Wilcox, BB, King, Phil, Marge, Louise, Bobbie, Norman, Lourdes, Ruben, Erin, Alfred, Molina, Aaron, Ward, Wally, Pips, Gordie, Coleman, Gene, Mr. Freeze, King Tut, Batgirl, Catwoman, Halle, Berry, Chuck, Nick, Phillips, Mike,George, Michael, Walter, Mason, Joe, Ellis, Valentine, Bobby, Bonilla, Len, Sakata, Shinjo, Hop, Sing 1977-80, Scott, Goren, Stu, Stein, Bill, Coach Walker, Marcus, Kevin, Mass, Butch, Wynegar, Goring, Hobson, Harris, Billy, Chico, Smitty, Horse, Fred, Cox, Casey, Garo, Deacon, Blues, Cousine Dupree, Blind Willie McTell, Hurricane, Woody, Arlo, Arlen, Spector, Specter, Schecter, Fender, Rhodes, Ray, Les, Paul, Steinberger, Bass, Jones, Oscar, Felix, Miriam,Leif, Garrett, Betty, Phil, Foster, Brooks, Mel, Lowry, Mays, Willie, Rich, The Master, Roy, Rogers, John, Fielder, Penny, Marshall, Steve, Zagaz, Alan, Peter, Ade, Will, Lee, Carol, Kane, David, John, Carradine, The Beast of Yucca Flats, Tor, Johnson, Knucklehead, Jughead, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Moose, Marty, Prager, Warren, O, Martin, O, Monroe, Berger, Cunningham, Billy, Stuyvesant, Merle, Hank, Brian, King, Larry, Schoenfeld, Jim, Jerry, Korab, Messing, Shep, Roman, Bill, Ian, Dury, Blockheads, Hunter, Mick, Ronson, Avery, Davies, Brothers, Joyce, Lundens, Allen, Ludden, Gene, Rayburn, Johnny, Olsen & Friendly, The Mrs, Lewis, Mister Mister, Mangano, Nikki, Nicole, Henry, Jill, Anne, Debra was her name, Holly, Becky, Stephan, Goulding, Rob, Andrew, Gene, Michael, The Stick, Sarah, Larry, Dean, Deluca, Debbie, Victoria's Secret, Greg, Paul, Andy, Frank, Eddie, Glenn, Lisa, Johnson, Clarence, Weatherspoon, Curtis, Larry, Elders, Sliwa, Alphonse, Ed, Mark, Green, Dominic, Carter, Sam, Roberts, Care, Ropage,Guys with buys, Kress, Amos, Beth, Sue, Sonny, Joe, Snake, Freddie, Paul, George, John, Ringo, Brinsley, Ariel, Bender, The Schmoe, Mott the Hoople, Ducks Deluxe, The Bonzos, The Drongos, Life in A Blender, Rod McDonald, David Massingill, Tom Intondi, The Speakeasy, Mixed Bag, Future Files, The Ski Report, Golden Blossom Honey, Bruce Juice, Old New Borrowed and Blue, The WorkForce Blocks, Metro Ranking Full Stop Research, Andy, Shane, Cherokee Jack, Manos, Torgo, Michael, Eddie, Anton, The Figs, Martin, The Belmonts, Dion, Marcel, Dionne, Charlie, Simmer Down, Jari, Kuri, Glenn, Anderson, Kevin, Lowe, Claude, Lemieux, Mario and Luigi, George, Iron Man, Wong, Wang, Empire King, Dave, Kingman, Skip, Lockwood, Duffy, Dyer, Gloria, Jan, Kolleen, Erica, Dal, Maxvil, Shannon,Mike, Julian, Javier, Al, Bernie, Bernard, The Brick, Butch, Me and Razoo Kelly, if you want to be free, tell me, WHY DID YOU RESIGN, NOW!

#6: Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me,
Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me.

Well I gave you ev’rything I had,
But you left me sitting on my own,
Did you have to treat me oh so bad,
All I do is hang my head and moan.

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me,
Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me.

If there’s something I have said or done,
Tell me what and I’ll apologise,
If you don’t really can’t go on,
Holding back these tears in my eyes.

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me,
Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me.

Well I beg you on my bended knees,
If you’ll only listen to my pleas,
Is there anything I can do,
’cause I really can’t stand it, I’m so in love with you.

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me.

#2: Just because you spent thousands upon thousands at The New School to learn how to Control C and Control V, does not mean, you can live this way forever, Number 6, we will break you and get you to conform, by Jay Hook or by Crook.