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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Harry New Year

As promised, my Top Five Favorite New Year's Eve/New Year's Day:

1. May You Always - Harry Harrison ( A fine Disk Jockey who worked for the great N.Y. Rock'N'Roll Trifecta (WMCA-AM, WABC-AM and WCBS-FM, he recorded this wonderful New Year's wish list many years ago)
2. New Year's Day - U2
3. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - Orioles (One of the original Doo-Wop groups)
4. Ding Dong, Ding Dong - George Harrison
5. Happy New Year - ABBA (The only ABBA song I actually like)


Thursday, December 29, 2005

In the name of Khaili, whose name is powerful, whose name is terrible, Black Mother, Mother of Darkness... You had to have seen this coming, it's a business, it's our policy, to some degree....Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, Help, I need somebody, not just anybody?...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Adam Sandler's 'The Hanukkah Song Part I'"Okay... This is a song that uhh.. There's a lot of Christmassongs out there and uhh.. not too many Hanukkah songs. Souhh...I wrote a song for all those nice little Jewish kidswho don't get to hear any Hanukkah songs. Here we go..."Put on your yarmulke,Here comes Hanukkah!So much funukah,To celebrate Hanukkah!Hanukkah is the festival of lights.Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights.When you feel like the only kid in townWithout a Christmas tree,Here's a list of people who are Jewish just like you and me:David Lee Roth lights the menorah.So do James Caan, Kirk Douglas, and the late Dinah Shore-ah.Guess who eats together at the Carnegie Deli?Bowser from Sha Na Na and Arthur Fonzarelli!Paul Newman's half Jewish, Goldie Hawn's half too.Put them together, what a fine lookin' Jew.You don't need "Deck The Halls" or "Jingle Bell Rock",'Cause you can spin a dreidel with Captain Kirkand Mr. Spock -- both Jewish.Put on your yarmulkeIt's time for HanukkahThe owner of the Seattle SupersonicahsCelebrates HanukkahO.J. Simpson - not a Jew.But guess who is? Hall of famer Rod Carew -- he convertedWe got Ann Landers and her sister Dear Abby.Harrison Ford's a quarter Jewish -- not too shabby!Some people think that Ebenezer Scrooge isWell he's not, but guess who is -- All Three Stooges!So many Jews are in showbiz,Tom Cruise isn't - but I heard his agent is.Tell your friend VeronicaIt's time to celebrate Hanukkah.I hope I get a harmonicahOh this lovely, lovely Hanukkah.So drink your gin and tonicahAnd smoke your marijuanikah.If you really, really wannakahHave a happy, happy, happy, happy Hanukkah!Happy Hanukkah!"
Adam Sandler's 'The Hanukkah Song Part II'Put on your yarmulkeIts time for Hanukkah So much funnaka To celebrate Hanukkah
Hanukkah is the festival of lights Instead of one day of presents We get eight crazy nights
When you feel like the only kid in town Without a Christmas tree Here's a new list of people who are Jewish Just like you and me
Winona Ryder, Drinks Manischewitz wine Then spins a draydle with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein
Guess who gives and receives Loads of Hanukkah toys The girls from Veruca Salt and all three Beastie Boys
Lenny Kravitz is half Jewish, Courtney Love is half too Put them together What a funky bad ass Jew
We got Harvey Keitel And flash dancer Jennifer Beals Yasmine Bleeth from Baywatch is Jewish And yes her boobs are real
Put on your yarmulka Its time for Hanukkah 2 time Ocsar winning Dustin Hoffmanaka celebrates Hanukkah
O.J. Simpson Still not a Jew But guess who is, The guy who does the voice for Scooby Doo
Bob Dylan was born a Jew Then he wasn't but now he's back, Mary Tyler Moore's husband is Jewish 'Cause we're pretty good in the sack.
Guess who got bar-mitzvahed On the PGA tour No I'm not talking about Tiger Woods I'm talkin' about Mr. Happy Gilmore.
So many Jews are in the show biz Bruce Springsteen isn't But my mother thinks he is.
Tell the world-amanaka It's time for Hanukkah It's not pronounced Ch-nakah The C is silent in Hanukkah So get your hooked on phonica Get drunk in Tijuanaka If you really really wannaka Have a happy happy happy happy Hanukkah!

As promised, my Top Five (Secular) Chanukah Favorites:

1. Any of the Adam Sandler Chanukah Songs
2. Light One Candle - Peter, Paul And Mary
3. Feast Of Lights - They Might Be Giants
4. Oh Hanukkah Groove - Frank London Big Band
5. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel - Chris Issak

Happy Chanukah!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Superman vs Jesus

Who would win in a fight ?

Hard to say but as John Prine once sang: "Jesus don't like killin' no matter what the reason's for..'

John Prine also said "all them gods are just the same" or something like that.


"Who would win in a fight ?"Jesus has already won. He's brainwashed more people.


I enjoyed throwing out the absurd question.


On Jorma's 65th Bithday, Dec. 23, my Top Five Favorite (Playing or Originals):

1. Anything from Yellow Fever
2. Somebody To Love
3. Embryonic Journey
4. Genesis
5. Song From The Stainless Cymbal

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Transit Strike 2005

Now that it's over, I could put this Top Five together, dedicated to all those that survived The Transit Strike of 2005.


1-Superman-The Kinks

Woke up this morning, what did I see A big black cloud hanging over me I switched on the radio and nearly dropped dead The news was so bad that I fell out of bed There was a gas strike, oil strike, lorry strike, bread strike Got to be a Superman to survive Gas bills, rent bills, tax bills, phone bills I'm such a wreck but I'm staying alive

2- Walk And Don't Look Back-The Temptations, Jagger/Tosh

3- The Waiting - Tom Petty

4-Train in Vain - The Clash

5-No Spittin' On the Bus - Steve Gibbons Band


To those who have sent me holiday/season's greetings either via e-mail or snailmail, I just want to thank you and return my heartfelt best wishes for the season. I apologize for not having returned your greetings in kind, but you see, being an atheist, I have been under a lot of last minute pressure running from meeting to meeting, collaborating with lesbians in order to destroy Christmas. So many little children to disappoint, so little time.I just hope I've recovered enough in time to trash Easter and Passover! I KNEW you'd understand.


1. I Wish I Had a River- Joni Mitchell
2.Cover your Head-The Masked Marauders
3.Vietcong Blues-Junior Wells Band
4.Talkin' Bout Changes- Eric Anderson
5.TB Sheets- Van Morrison

all the best to you and yours at this joyous holiday season!
george s.

Name the following Christmas Songs ( # 3 is not really a Christmas Song in the traditional sense, but has it in the title)


It's coming on Christmas
They're cutting down trees
They're putting up reindeer
And singing songs of joy and peace


How a little baby boy bring the people so much joy, Son of a carpenter, Mary carried the light


Sam was lyin' in the jungle agent orange spread against the sky like marmalade Hendrix played on some foreign jukebox they were praying to be saved Those gooks were fierce and fearless that's the price you pay when you invade


When the snowman brings the snow Well he just might like to know He's put a great big smile on somebody's face If you jump into your bed Quickly cover up your head Don't you lock the doors You know that sweet Santa Claus in on the way


Now listen
Now you see, I feel real good tonight
And I got music on the radio
And I feel real good tonight
And I got music on the radio
And the boys and the band are playin' pretty good
And I feel just like I wanna kiss you Underneath my mistle-toe But now listen Santa came down chimney Half past three With lots of nice little presents for my baby and me

As promised my Winter Songs Top Five Favorites:

1. Winter - Atomic Rooster ("Look in my mirror and all I see is time")
2. A Hazy Shade of Winter - Simon and Garfunkel
3. Ring Out, Solstice Bells - Jethro Tull
4. The Winter Long - Strawbs
5. Winter and My Soul - Grand Funk Railroad


Inspired by dkick, A fairly easy Quiz; Name the following Five Songs that mention WINTER.



-Oh the snow fell without a break Buffalo died in the frozen fields you know Through the coldest winter in almost fourteen years I couldn't believe you kept a smile Now I can rest assured knowing that we've seen the worst And I know I love ya

Virgil Caine is the name, and I served on the Danville train, 'Til Stoneman's cavalry came and tore up the tracks again.
In the winter of '65, We were hungry, just barely alive.
By May the tenth, Richmond had fell,
it's a time I remember, oh so well,

Then I'm laying out my winter clothes And wishing I was gone Going home Where the New York City winters aren't bleeding me Bleeding me, going home

A winter's day In a deep and dark December I am alone Gazing from my window To the streets belowOn a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow


Clouds so swift Rain won't lift Gate won't close Railings froze Get your mind off wintertime

As promised, My Top Five Favorite (Secular) Christmas Songs:

1. The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole (The version you hear on the radio)
2. Any of the Beatles Fan Club Christmas Records
3. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - Roy Wood's Wizzard
4. 2000 Miles - Pretenders
5. Christmas Time - Chris Stamey and the dB's (or the original dB's)

Christmas Bonus: Two Songs With Christmas In The Parenthetical Title But Not In The Lyrics -

1. Remember (Christmas) - Nilsson
2. Manhattan Morning (Christmas '72) - Flash


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Thank you all for sharing some laughs with yours truely.

Happy Birthday! In your honor, a Top Five:

1. Piano Man - Billy Joel
2. Tiger In A Spotlight - Emerson, Lake And Palmer ("Bass, Playing In My Face", "Keys, I Play Them All With Ease")
3. Bassically - Black Sabbath
4. Guitar Man - Bread
5. Song For The Asking - Simon and Garfunkel


Q: The number one song on Billboard on this date 43 years ago?

A: "Big Girls Don't Cry"-The Four Seasons

Happy Birthday, Ira.
In keeping with a venerable Nonkinsense tradition, here are some birthday songs. Most of them are about sixteen year old girls. At the other extreme, we have "When I'm 64." And a few of them, like The River and You Wear It Well, are not even birthday songs, so much as they just mention birthdays. Anyway, while none of them are a good fit, my intentions are good: Happy Birthday.
Birthday: the Beatles
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby: Connie Francis
Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen: Neil Sedaka
Sweet Little Sixteen: Chuck Berry
Sixteen Candles: the Crests
When I'm 64: the Beatles
It's My Party: Leslie Gore
The River: Bruce Springsteen
You Wear It Well: Rod Stewart


1. Born in Time-Bob Dylan
In the lonely night In the blinking stardust of a pale blue light You're comin' thru to me in black and white When we were made of dreams. You're blowing down the shaky street, You're hearing my heart beat In the record breaking heat Where we were born in time. ( Bridge #1:) Not one more night, not one more kiss, Not this time baby, no more of this,Takes too much skill, takes too much will, It's revealing. You came, you saw, just like the law You married young, just like your ma,You tried and tried, you made me slideYou left me reelin' with this feelin'.On the rising curve Where the ways of nature will test every nerve,You won't get anything you don't deserveWhere we were born in time. (Bridge #2:) You pressed me once, you pressed me twice,You hang the flame, you'll pay the price,Oh babe, that fire Is still smokin'.You were snow, you were rain You were striped, you were plain , Oh babe, truer words Have not been spoken or broken.In the hills of mystery, In the foggy web of destiny,You can have what's left of me, Where we were born in time.
Copyright © 1990 Special Rider Music

Thursday, December 08, 2005

On Tom Waits' 56th Birthday, Dec 7, My Top 5:

1. Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night (Tom Waits sighs, Dion struts)
2. Tom Traubert's Blues (Not a dry eye in the house.)
3. Time, Time, Time (Ditto)
4. The Piano's Been Drinking
5. Ol' 55

1.Tom Traubert's Blues
2.Jersey Girl
3.Looking for the Heart of Sat Night
4.Downtown Train
5.The Piano's Been Drinking


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Top Five Favorite Lennon/Beatles:

1. In My Life (Maybe my favorite Beatles song)
2. If I Fell
3. A Day In The Life
4. Ticket To Ride
5. Tomorrow Never Knows


This of course is impossible to pick only five...but here goes..... (JL)

1. Please Please Me
2. A Hard Days Night
3. Lucy in the Sky
4. In My Life
5. A Day in a Life

Picking five is almost impossible, so I'll pick one favorite from each album, or a single from the time of the album, even if the single does not appear on the album.

1) Please Please Please: Please Please Me
2) With the Beatles: This Boy (actually flipside of I Want to Hold Your Hand)
3) A Hard Day's Night: A Hard Day's Night (the early John Lennon was at his best with this album)
4) With the Beatles: I Feel Fine (again not actually on the album but a single from the time of the album.)
5) Help: Help
6) Rubber Soul: Nowhere Man (Rubber Soul - John Lennon's greatest moment. He had moved beyond the limitations of early rock, but even as he was stretching the possibilties of the pop/rock song, he was still working within its confines. Sometimes limitations are good)
7) Revolver: And Your Bird Can Sing (Revolver was, to my mind and ears John Lennon's weakest moment. That album belonged to Paul McCartney. And You're Bird Can Sing is the only Lennon song on it that I really like.)
8) Sgt Pepper's: A Day in the Life
9) Magical Mystery Tour: All You Need Is Love
10) Yellow Submarine: All You Need Is Love (his only other song on this album, Hey Bulldog, is all right but hardly among my favorites)
11) The White Album: Dear Prudence
12) Let It Be: Across the Universe (this was another album that was pretty much Paul McCartney's)
13) Abbey Road: Come Together


John Lennon Solo
1-Cold Turkey
3-Instant Karma
4-Crippled Inside
5-Watching The Wheels

You read my mind. Tomorrow, Beatles.

1. Love
2. Imagine
3. Instant Karma
4. Cold Turkey
5. Beautiful Boy

1. Imagine
2. Beautiful Boy
3. Gimme Some Truth
4. Woman
5. Mind Games


instant karma, Imagine, Cold turkey, I found out, Mind games, #9 dream. Q104 is doing an all day Lennon tribute tomorrow.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Man O Manischewitz!

December 6th will mark the 30th Anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah and recognition by the Jewish religion as becoming a Man.

For those in the know, it also marks the 30th Anniversary of Eliot, Lori, Randy, Ronnie, Fruit Mouse and Bert studying for Finals in Buffalo, perhaps for the last time.


1-Mannish Boy-Muddy Waters

2-Half a Boy and Half a Man-Nick Lowe

3-I'm a Man-Spencer Davis Group , Chicago

4-Hoochie Coochie Man-Muddy Waters

5-Secret Agent Man-Johnny Rivers

Happy 30th Anniversary, and thanks for reminding me of just how old a man I am!

Hope all is well.


Some coming of age songs:

When I Grow Up to Be a Man; the Beach Boys
The Edge of 17: Stevie Nicks (one for the girls on the threshold of womanhood)
Sweet Little Sixteen (and a million othe Sweet Sixteen songs) (another for the girls)
Cowboys to Girls:
Summer of 69: Bryan Adams
Jack and Diane: John Mellencamp
17: Janis Ian


Or the day you became a fountain pen.

1. It's A Man's World - James Brown
2. Man Smart, Woman Smarter - Harry Belafonte
3. Mister, You're A Better Man Than I - Yardbirds
4. Painter Man - Creation
5. The Man That Got Away - Judy Garland


1. Iron Man
2. Walk Like a Man
3. Candyman
4. Love me Like a Man
5. Mandy

Add 'Ramblin Man' to the list too

Man in the Mirror, Mannish Boy. And 3 Dog night had an LP, 'Family of man'.

additional IN entries: 1-Listen to What the Man Said 2-Mr. Tambourine Man 3-Man in the Long Black Coat 4-Big Boss Man 5-I Wanna Be Your Man 6-(I'm Your ) HandyMan 7-Nowhere Man 8-I'm Waiting On My Man 9-Old Man 10-California Man

Friday, December 02, 2005

In my book, you guys were the best! Oh yeah, by the way, Paulie Walnuts, HOT MOOSE! and here's my Saturday Night songs:

1-Sa, tur, d-a-y, Night - ( Going to see the Rollers, got tickets for the Bay City Rollers... ) ( ? on the original )

2-Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night in the Week-Frank Sinatra

3-Saturday Night Special - Lynyrd Sknyrd

4-Saturday in the Park - Chicago ( I know it's about daytime in the park )

5-Saturday Gigs-Mott The Hoople

Saturday Night Top 5 Faves:

1. Almost Saturday Night - John Fogerty and Dave Edmunds
2. One More Saturday Night - Grateful Dead
3. Saturday Night Is Dead - Graham Parker And The Rumour
4. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting - Elton John
5. Another Saturday Night - Sam Cooke and Cat Stevens

Thursday, December 01, 2005

This Nebraska Thing, Boss, We smell a rat. Maybe it's time we pay this Johnny 99 a visit ?