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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Everybody keep smiling, it's all going to be ok, he'll continue with the Accupunture on 14th Street and Fifth and the Training on SHEEPSHEAD BAY ROAD's BALLY'S WITH GLORIA, as always, he won't find work, even down here, not even an INterview at Minimum Wage with the entertainment pack for the Nationals, team mascot for the Mystics, Redskins, Wizards...Forget the Capitals, everybody has, except Wilbur and the other guy with the Computers, Aunt Rose went back to Cleveland with comfortable Shoes, Doze Naw Yawkers are not takin' da accent down hearrr so fast, Kapeach, DER EMESS SHTARBIT NIT OBER ER LEBT VI AN OREMAN, Louise and Michael are not selling their House, they're just looking for the right school for Adam, Rocket and Robotics, Rockets and Robotics, Repeat to yourself, Rockets and Robotics, now that Mark has an electric guitar and Amp, Rockets and Robotics, Rockets and Robotics, Rockets and Robotics, he stays in Sheepshead Bay, Rockets and Robotics, Sheepshead Bay, Rockets and Robotics, Sheepshead Bay, Rockets and Robotics, Software Development, Rockets and Robotics, Sheepshead bay, Software, Rockets, Robotics, Mets, Yankees, Jets, Giants, Knicks and Rangers, Islanders and Devils, Houston Rockets and Robotics.

Mike Skliar and I have finally scheduled our first New York City gig since March. We'll be playing on the Upper West Side, at the Underground Lounge on West End Avenue.

Mike started playing there years ago, but this is the first time we'll play there as a duo. It's a friendly bar, with some food as well, on the corner of 107th Street where Broadway meets West End Avenue. It started as a coffee house in the late 90's, and now features music and comedy events every night. It also has a (small) outdoor terrace, so its one of the few places in Manhattan where you can drink and smoke. We will be playing in the back room, and there's no cover charge.

The weather has been too nice to stay inside and do any recording, but several new songs will be making their NYC debuts. Please come down and join us!

Ken Ficara and Mike Skliar
Thursday, June 9th, 2005, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
The Underground Lounge
955 West End Ave (at 107th Street, where West End meets Broadway)
New York City

By subway: take the 1 to either 103rd St. or 110th St. Do not take the 2 or 3 train to 110th St., since that stop is much farther east and nowhere near the club.

Also, on the web site, there's a new song for download ("Blackberry Blossom," a traditional fiddle tune) as well as full details on upcoming shows, CDs to buy, and other songs to download:

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Woodward Confirms Identity of 'Deep Throat'
Former FBI official W. Mark Felt was the source for leaked secrets about Nixon's Watergate coverup, The Washington Post confirms after Felt's admission.

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Don't call me Red... I may be new to your stuff, Ira, I know you play bass, guitar and keyboards, not very well, but that was Murray Street, a long time ago, I had to get a bass player other than Bender or Abel, but, I think I know why most people, have, if not, outright Hatred for you , are nonetheless PISSED OFF! By the way, have you tried searching for Sandy or Pat, or Pat's friend Susan, how about Claire, Sandra Would ?

That is great!!!
Thank you very much for the support.
Have a great day,

Actually I sent the great Jennifer Marks a e-mail with my attempt at promoting to my hip and hip surgery Nonkinsense readers the Kick Ass, Touching, Sweet and Funny, Jennifer Marks Album, featuring Avalanche, Live , Naked and High School Reunion, released in 2004 with a legitimate label and web site, available at all fine music stores and on-line. Visit thank me now or thank me later, readers.

Best of luck with the interview.
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 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 4:31 PM //

Ira, I know your trying to push the envelope in your own little way, I respect that, but, sometimes, even the best of friends, don't quite get you, anymore...Sparky is still funnier and come to think of it, I should have taken the $46 change and kept it from the Meadowlands Parking Lot that night for the Devils, you made enough money from the Cleaning Stores, to allow you to retire to a life of the studio, apartment and the blog, it appears...

Ok. Caught me at a bad moment. I've always found it difficult to walk that fine line between pleasing the audience and pleasing myself. Especially given that the average taste of the audience is so godawfulbad. I had the misfortune to catch the end of the most recent "American Idol" and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what anyone saw in ANY of the finalists. It's such total pablum it makes me want to spew chunks.

As for non-The Studio rehearsal spaces, I got no problem whatsoever with that.


* what made you think I was in your small circle of friends......and do keep in mind that when it comes to memberships of any kind, I'm of the Groucho Marx school of thinking......i.e. I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me.
Sorry, I was trying to be funny ? via the Internet ?

Although, the idea of rehearsing in a non-The Studio space, aka Smash or Ultra Sound, if they had 6-8 PM Thursday Opening in a Quality Room, is worth considering in my Humble (Pie) opinion.


* hopefully I have not lost DTF from my small circle of friends...

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 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 4:23 PM //

Part of the reason I do this stuff, on-line, in my underwear, is that I'm able to communicate with beautiful, dynamic, successful women, who, remember me with good feeling, don't think I'm psychotic and would actually return my phone calls from Burbank and have it charged to a famous TV and Radio Personality...I miss you Pam, the spots are in the next day Package from FEDEX.

Wow. I certainly am not that thin anymore!

In a message dated 5/31/2005 5:23:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, IRA1211 writes:
Great Beach Day, even for a fixed up Coney Island. GOT, GOT a lot of Audio and Technical Problems at the start...Ironed out later on.
And for all that, we GOT on the 10 O'Clock News!!!! (Channel 9 -- clip when I get it!!!)
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 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 3:58 PM //

I'm sorry Louise, you spoke with him on the phone last night, Kerry had the right idea, I think he's more delusional that psychotic, personally.

Hey Ira:

Good webpage! Ha! I saw my little picture peeking out ... good job! BTW,
I will be playing at Cha Cha's on July 1. Laura said that the girls had a
fabulous show yesterday. Good day to be at the beach!

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 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 11:30 AM //

Beyond Esoteric and Down Right Weird, You Have Entered The O Zone, coming to Nonkinsense, July 1, 2005 or until Big Pussy agrees to lend me his Cunningham and Stuyvesant Yearbooks, A Stan and Steve Frisch Production in association with The Kid Enterprises, Bel, Mah, Esp, Lap, Neil Tesp, Dungaree Factory Association, Three Star, 2662 Ocean Avenue, Maytag Washing Machines, The Fruit Mouse, The Cousin who Cried, Mark and Thea Bernstein, Dean DeanStick Meyer, Mike and Lynn Goodman, Ival Goodman, Lonnie Frey, Johnny Vandermeer, Bucky Walters, Van lingo Mungo, Hawthorne Wingo, Eddie Miles, John Warren, Mel Davis, Tom Riker, Eddie Mast RIP, Calvin Coolidge Tuskahoma McClish, Gene Mauch, John Bocabella, Coco Laboy, David Lebov, David Landau, Nick Verbitsky, Matt Fineberg, Come on Eileen, Cathy, King, Vidor, Clancy, Ronnie Lane RIP, Ian McClagen, Jim Stagnitto, Taylor Guitars, Martin Guitars, Martin Ostrofsky, Warren Ostrofsky, Little Rich, Little Richard, Rich Little, Little Steven, Amy Winslow, Amy Grosser, Andy Shane, George Costantino, Mikhael, DTF, YSHASATY, SU, Roman, Mott the Hoople, IAN, Roy Wood, Ronnie Wood, Mick Taylor, Nick Garvey, Andy McMaster, Tony McMasters, Kristin Hoffman, Suzanne Vega, Suzanne Devine, Andy Devine, Andrew Braun, Jerry Kaufman, Happy Hank, Merle Thrush, Monroe Berger, Richard Katzen, Michael Scharf, Mike Skliar, Michael Mendelovitz, Mike Bossy, The Boss, Bose, Berlmar, Milton Berle, Mr. Fields, Mike the Cop, Dobbs, Wrangler Jane, Tonia, Gary, Chris Chia, Walter, Theo, Kerry, Ernie, Bert, Karen Black, Bruno Samartino, Ernie Ladd, Ivan Putski, Ivan Bolderiev, Chico Maki, Nick Fotiu, Tie Domi, Tie goes to the Runner, Ernie Wakely, Don Awrey, Dallas Smith, Gary Bergman, Leo Bovin, Gary Unger, Felix and Oscar, Felix Hernandez, Vin Scelsa, Tom Morrea, Pat Dawson, Al Bernstein, Shannon, Caroline, Carolynne, Carol, Jane Hathaway, Jethro Bodine, Constantine Geromnimum, Brian King, Jonathan Radom, Andrew Hordes, Marty Prager, Bennet, Curt, Bojo, Mojo, Flojo, Sonny Fox, Bob McAllister, Starriders, Steve24 , Xareaux, Profjen, Hot Moose, Fred, Lou, Fourth of July Asbury Park, PS206194, MPJHS, SBHS, BC, BUFFALOWE, Nick, Dave, Billy and Terry.We want to thank you for your interest in the above mentioned position. Wehad many fine applicants for the position, including you. However, we have filled the position with someone whose background and credentials we feel best meet our needs at this time. We welcome you to apply for any future positions we have available that match your skills and experience.Sincerely,The Hiring Manager for the "Palace Sports and Entertainment Service Company-Advertising Coordinator" PositionPalace Sports and Entertainment Posted by Hello

 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 9:52 AM //

Monday, May 30, 2005

No Caption. Posted by Hello

 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 2:50 PM //

My Buddy with the Computers

this is an audio post - click to play

 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 2:07 PM //

Doctor, Can I just say somethin', he spends every single day with his f.n. blog while cutting and pasting Celeb-TITies in their Unda' wear to use later on. He's bald not balding especially in the back, his so called friends from Music don't really give a shit, they're just using him on keyboards temporarily, his mother's side of the family won't be attending her unveiling in Paramus, his blood pressure is high for his age despite the Russian Medicine Man, he still coughs from Jazz Fest Airplanes for an entire month now, and his snoring drives me fuckin' crazeeeeeeee! He's closer to his own funeral than his Wedding, all while, Big Pussy is so comfortable that he enjoys his thumb up his ass, so friggin much, it's INsane! - Just between us females, doctor, I think he's PSYCHOTIC, not PSYCHOPATHIC, mind you, BUT PSYCHOTIC...Do you have any more zyprexa? THAT FUCKIN PAXIL HAD HIM SHAKING OUT OF CONTROL, how long did it take it to come up with that SHIT, doctor..put him in the fucking CHERRY BLOSSUM CLINIC for a month, with the humorless cocksuckers and fucks who were out to kill him and smear shit in his shower. Where the fuck were you Doctor, anyway, two appearances, while the Social Worker with the nice ass did all the work..FUCK YOU DOCTOR, YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT, especially after Coney Island, eat me you lousy clueless fuck, you think I could afford another Funeral from IJ Norris.

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Attention all shoppers It's Cancellation Day Yes the Big Adios Is just a few hours away It's last call To do your shopping At the Last Mall You'll need the tools for survival And the medicine for the blues Sweet treats and surprises For the little buckaroos It's last call To do your shopping At the Last Mall We've got a sweetheart Sunset Special On all of the standard stuff 'Cause in the morning --that gospel morning You'll have to do for yourself when the going gets tough Roll your cart back up the aisle Kiss the checkout girls goodbye Ride the ramp to the freeway Beneath the blood orange sky It's last call To do your shopping At the Last Mall Vocals, Rhodes, Wurlitzer: Donald Fagen Bass, solo guitar: Walter Becker Drums: Keith Carlock Guitar: Jon Herington, Hugh McCracken Piano: Ted Baker Trumpet: Tony Kadleck Trombone: Jim Pugh Alto sax: Walt Weiskopf Baritone sax: Roger Rosenberg Background vocal: Cindy Mizelle, Catherine Russell
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I don't mind the quiet Or the lonely nights I don't miss the funky attitudes And I don't miss the fights I lie on the couch 'till suppertime And hunker down and read the Post And that's when I remember the things I miss the most: The talk The sex Somebody to trust The Audi TT The house on the Vineyard The house on the gulf coast These are the things I miss the most I kinda like frying up My sad cuisine Gettin' in bed and curling up with a girlie magazine But sometimes in the corner of my eye I see that adorable ghost And then ba-boom I remember the things I miss the most The talk The sex Somebody to trust The comfy Eames chair The good copper pans The '54 Strat These are the things I miss the most I had a little birdy friend By morning she was gone Birdy good-bye Birdy bye-bye I'm learning how to meditate So far so good I'm building the Andrea Doria out of balsa wood The days really don't last forever But it's getting pretty damn close And that's when I remember the things I miss the most: The talk The sex Somebody to trust The Audi TT The house on the Vineyard The house on the gulf coast These are the things I miss the most Vocals, Rhodes: Donald Fagen Bass, solo guitar: Walter Becker Drums: Keith Carlock Guitar: Jon Herington, Hugh McCracken Piano: Ted Baker Percussion: Gordon Gottlieb Trumpet: Michael Leonhart Tenor sax: Walt Weiskopf Background vocal: Carolyn Leonhart
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I was scrapin' bottom Gropin' in the dark It takes a crusty punk to really beat The mean streets of Medicine Park So I shifted left for out of town Then I clicked my heels and I doubled down to Blues Beach I'm frying Sizzlin' in the merciful rays And it's the long sad Sunday Of the early resigned I went to Central Station To catch that early bus They were gassed and runnin' every which way But unhappily not for us Here comes Trina -- the child bride I said hey pretty girl -- can I cop a ride to Blues Beach It's rainin' I'm chillin' at the Manatee Bar Well it's a stone soul picnic For the early resigned We could rent a paranymphic glider My hypothetical friend And we could sail 'Til the bending end Grab Big Dog a blanket Angel of my heart Things may get a whole lot worse Before suddenly falling apart Give your roommate Yvonne a ring Cause if she still wants in I gotta pull some strings On Blues Beach I'm dying Freezin' in the merciful rays And it's the long sad Sunday Of the early resigned Vocals, piano, organ: Donald Fagen Bass, solo guitar: Walter Becker Drums: Keith Carlock Guitar: Jon Herington, Hugh McCracken Rhodes: Ted Baker Percussion: Gordon Gottlieb Background vocal: Carolyn Leonhart
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In the beginning We could hang with the dude But it's been too much of nothing Of that stank attitude Now they curse your name And there's a bounty on your face It's your own fault daddy GodWhacker's on the case We track your almighty ass Thru seven heaven-worlds Me, Slinky Redfoot And our trusty angel-girls And when the stars bleed out That be the fever of the chase You better get gone poppie GodWhacker's on the case Be very very quiet Clock everything you see Little things might matter later At the start of the end of history Climb up the glacier Across bridges of light We sniff you, Big Tiger In the forest of the night 'Cause there's no escape From the Rajahs of Erase You better run run run GodWhacker's on the case Be very very quiet Clock everything you see Little things might matter later At the start of the end of history Yes we are the GodWhackers Who rip and chop and slice For crimes beyond imagining It's time to pay the price You better step back son Give the man some whackin' space You know this might get messy GodWhacker's on the case Vocals, Wurlitzer, solo synth, percussion: Donald Fagen Bass, solo guitar: Walter Becker Drums: Keith Carlock Guitar: Jon Herington, Hugh McCracken Rhodes: Bill Charlap Background vocal: Tawatha Agee, Catherine Russell
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Let me put it this way doll And I know it's getting late I can tell from the planes of your face That you're from out of state But here in the Willows now here's the deal Tomorrow's for squares -- tonight's for real Drop me off in Groovetime Do you hear the Slang of Ages Show me how it's done Now did you say you were from the Netherlands Or was that "Netherworld"? If you grew up in Amsterdam Then I'm the Duke of Earl These tabs look iffy -- you say they're good Let's roll with the homeys -- knock on wood Drop me off in Groovetime Soothe me with the Slang of Ages Show me where I turn Are you all part of the Dreaming Or the end of my life so far? Or something half way in between You oughta know Hey -- where'd she go? Damn -- she skipped dimensions Was it something that I said? Or something I was thinking When she opened up my head? Let me make it right baby -- never mind how There's a crazy little place I know called "Be There Now" Drop me off in Groovetime Do you hear the Slang of Ages Show me how it's done Drop me off in Groovetime Soothe me with the Slang of Ages This is where I turn Vocal, bass: Walter Becker Rhodes, organ, synth: Donald Fagen Drums: Keith Carlock Guitar: Jon Herington, Hugh McCracken Wurlitzer: Ted Baker Trumpet: Michael Leonhart Tenor sax: Walt Weiskopf Percussion: Gordon Gottlieb Background vocals: Carolyn Leonhart, Michael Harvey, Tawatha Agee, Ada Dyer, Catherine Russell
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My coat is black and the moon is yellow Here is where I get off As you can see for yourself old girl in the Green Book I tango down to the smoky lobby My eyes adjust to the light The new cashier looks like Jill St. John Can that be right? I'm rolling into the bar at Joey's They're getting ready to close And here she comes very "Kiss Me Deadly" My life, my love, my third hand rose Flash ahead to a yummy playback Just you and me in a room Double dreaming a page at a time in the Green Book The torso rocks and the eyes are keepers Now where'd we sample those legs? I'm thinking Marilyn 4.0 in the Green Book I like the neon I love the music Anachronistic but nice The seamless segue from fun to fever It's a sweet device I'm so in love with this dirty city This crazy grid of desire The festive icons along the way The boardwalk, the lovers, the house on fire She's kinda cute but a little younger She's got the mood and the moves It's kinda scary to dig yourself in the Green Book Vocals, Rhodes, organ, percussion, solo synth: Donald Fagen Bass, solo guitar: Walter Becker Drums: Keith Carlock Guitar: Jon Herington, Hugh McCracken Piano: Ted Baker Background vocal: Carolyn Leonhart, Cindy Mizelle, Catherine Russell
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Our man Abu squeezes off twenty tracer rounds And that's when she jumps the turnstile And as she clings to the roof of the speeding train The Double A down to Sheridan Square Her cell phone rings It's, like, her stupid father Be in the door by ten -- again Pixeleen Dream deep my three-times perfect ultrateen Pixeleen Born in the bogs of Jersey Trained how to love and spy hard Dropped on the streets of Roppongi Soaked through on the floor of a noodle shop And when Abu rams the clip in the miniglock Up on the catwalk inside the warehouse You whip a knife from the top of your go-go boot With just a flash of spectacular thigh Your pager starts to throb It's your as-if boyfriend Randall Better keep it real -- or whatever Pixeleen Rave on my sleek and soulful cyberqueen Pixeleen Penned by a hack in the Palisades Backed by some guys from Columbia Shot all in digital video For a million and change Flashback to cool summer nights Freddy can we cut to the chase? In the room above your garage Everything about me is different Symmetrical and clean This is what I see Just a girl in girlie trouble Dancing in the video with gun and tambourine Pixeleen Be good my three-times perfect ultrateen Pixeleen Born on the floor of a noodle shop Dropped in the bogs of Jersey Shot by a guy from Columbia Soaked through all in digital video Girl with the sweet backstory Pitched in a trailer in Burbank Cast by a cool-enough yes-man Screened at a festival in Utah Vocals, Rhodes, organ: Donald Fagen Bass: Walter Becker Drums: Keith Carlock Guitar: Jon Herington, Hugh McCracken Piano: Bill Charlap Trumpet: Michael Leonhart Clarinet: Ken Hitchcock Tenor sax: Walt Weiskopf Baritone sax: Roger Rosenberg Trombone: Jim Pugh Percussion: Gordon Gottlieb Background vocal: Michael Harvey Featured background vocal: Carolyn Leonhart
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That must be her again She's leaning on my bell That cold
psychotic ring The one I know so well So I'm nailed to the floor in the no-option zone There's about zero chance she'll give up and go home This endless afternoon It started on the day I met her Lunch with Gina is forever She's coming 'round the corner Her body's just a blur I peel out like The Flash It don't mean boo to her So I duck into Nino's -- she's barred from the place The minute I walk out she's right in my face She's got nothing but time No use in trying to be clever Lunch with Gina is forever Now I'm in my apartment The blinds down the lights out The phone rings God help me There's nobody home I crouch on the carpet Not breathing just being Like meat on the bone I'm in a cozy booth Maybe my watch is fast Another Tanqueray I'll wait 'til twenty past I'm about to go postal when she waltzes in I guess she's a knockout -- hey where have I been? The waiter never comes God knows the service could be better Lunch with Gina is forever Coffee and a kiss Maybe later maybe never Lunch with Gina... Vocals, Wurlitzer, solo synth: Donald Fagen Bass: Walter Becker Drums: Keith Carlock Guitar: Jon Herington, Hugh McCracken Rhodes: Ted Baker Percussion: Gordon Gottlieb Tenor sax: Chris Potter Trumpet: Michael Leonhart Background vocal: Michael Harvey
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It's high time for a walk on the real side Let's admit the bastards beat us I move to dissolve the corporation In a pool of margaritas So let's switch off all the lights And light up all the Luckies Crankin' up the afterglow 'Cause we're goin' out of business Everything must go Talk about your major pain and suffering Now our self-esteem is shattered Show the world our mighty hidey-ho face As we go sliding down the ladder It was sweet up at the top 'Til that ill wind started blowing Now it's cozy down below 'Cause we're goin' out of business Everything must go We gave it our best shot But keep in mind we got a lot The sky the moon good food and the weather First-run movies -- does anybody get lucky twice? Wouldn't it be nice... Tell me can you dig it Miss Fugazy Now it's gone from late to later Frankly I could use a little face time In the service elevator And if Dave from Acquisitions Wants to get in on the action With his Handicam in tow Well we're goin' out of business Everything must go Can it be the sorry sun is rising Guess it's time for us to book it Talk about the famous road not taken In the end we never took it And if somewhere on the way We got a few good licks in No one's ever gonna know 'Cause we're goin' out of business Everything must go Vocals, Rhodes, clavinet, percussion: Donald Fagen Bass, percussion: Walter Becker Drums: Keith Carlock Guitar: Jon Herington, Hugh McCracken Piano: Ted Baker Tenor sax solo: Walt Weiskopf Background vocal: Tawatha Agee, Brenda White-King
Lyrics Reprinted by Permission. All Rights Reserved.
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Songs composed and arranged by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen
Horns arranged by Donald Fagen
© 2003 Freejunket Music/Zeon Music ASCAP admin. by Len Freedman Music, Inc.
Recorded at Sear Sound, NYC; Skyline Studios, NYC; River Sound, NYC; Hyperbolic Sound, Maui; Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, NY
Engineers: Elliott Scheiner, TJ Doherty, Dave Russell, Roger Nichols
Assistant Engineers: Suzy Barrows, TJ Doherty, Steve Mazur, Keith Nelson, Todd Parker. Matt Scheiner
Additional editing: Larry Alexander
Horn consultant: Michael Leonhart Piano tuning/maintenance: Sam Berd Drum tuning/maintenance: Artie Smith Equipment maintenance: Russell "Skip" Gildersleeve Digital Transfers: Toy Specialists Mixed by: Elliot Scheiner at Presence Studios, Westport, CT Mix Assistant: Joe Peccerillo Mastering: Darcy Proper, Sony Music Studios Production Manager: Jill Dell'Abate Management: Irving Azoff/azoffmusic management; Jeff Kramer/OK Management Technical Support: Meyer Sound, Opcode, Digidesign, Mesa/Boogie, Bogner Amplification, Groove Tube, Avalon, GML Mr. Becker's basses and guitars: Roger Sadowsky
Bill Charlap appears courtesy of Blue Note Records Design: Carol Bobolts/ Red Herring Design Cover design: WB Photography: Charles Gullung, Photonica (cover); Danny Clinch (band); Sara Foldenauer (watches) Steely Dan thanks Ted, Keith, Bill, Jon and Hugh; Elliot, Dave, TJ, Joe and Roger; Artie, Sam, Skip, Steve and Todd; Jill; Walter and Roberta at Sear Sound; Carol Bobolts Donald Fagen thanks my beautiful wife and muse, Libby Titus Fagen Walter Becker thanks Irving Azoff, Mixmaster E.S., Josie & Jill, Da Kine Dave, Stratmaster Skip, the excellent dubmaster Mr. "T. to tha J.D."; especially Marsha Gleeman and Sabrina Brulee; Susan Markheim, Tom Consolo and azoffmusic; Len Freedman; Roger Sadowsky and Sadowsky Guitars; most definitely, Marsha Levy-Warren; The Cutiepie and The Count; and above all, my Ideal Gal, the incomparable & exquisite F. Skirtt de Novo, D.C. Produced by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen © 2003 Reprise Records
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Sunday, May 29, 2005

This is pretty overwhelming, so many things to say: 1: Going to a party, meet me on after school. 2- Prime Rib, Broiled Chicken and Paulie Walnuts. 3-Where's The King and/ or Uncle Jun ? 4-Lori, Randy, Ronnie, Fruit Mouse, Bert and Eliot are studying for Finals, 12/6/75. 5-Louise has nice glasses on 6-Phil looks like a Nonkinkin 7-Look, there's Marilyn and Norman 8-Sandra Doodle and Stanley Doodle 8- Nedra was married to Bruce at the time, no, not Springsteen, although, Donny will likely agree that he looks like Kelly Grocutt of ELO on bass. Posted by Hello

 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 10:07 PM //

Top: Shirley, Nettie, Bobby, Sylvia, Annie, Sandra Doodle Bottom: Jack, Golde, Ida, Aaron, Harvey Posted by Hello

 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 9:54 PM //

Abe, who is looking after Ira, this is Marilyn's Wedding to Marvin, did I get Nedra or Shirley to Baby Sit ? Norris, please smile, I like your Suit, I bought it with money from the Food, if you ever interview again, you may want to wear it along with the shoes and not sneakers, Big Smitty, you look so nice when you shave , you don't need all the macharikers on the side , Abe, once again, I got to give credit to your side of the family, I see Rose at the next Table, so , you don't have to call her. Posted by Hello

 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 10:58 AM //

From: Arlo Guthrie (

Capoed up on the 2nd fret. I left out the
suspensions etc... It's more or less like this:

words and music by Arlo Guthrie

C Em
Halfway around the world tonight

In a strange and foreign land

Am Em
A soldier packs his memories

As he leaves Afghanistan

Am Em
And back home they don't know too much

There's just no way to tell

C Em
I guess you had to be there

For to know that war was hell


F Am F
And there won't be any victory parades

For those that's coming back

Am Em
They'll fly them in at midnight

And unload the body sacks

Am Em
And the living will be walking down

A long and lonely road

C Em
Because nobody seems to care these days

When a soldier makes it home

* INspired by DK, not surprisingly, upon receiving this list, this morning:
1.Requiem For The Masses - Association*
2. Jimmy Newman - Tom Paxton
3. Machine Gun - Band of Gypsies
4. The Cost of Freedom - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
5. Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag - Country Joe and the Fish
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 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 9:46 AM //

Once again, Dad, thanks for writing the caption in Pen or Marker back in '53...We both know, Mom, has something to say: Ira, tell everybody, I paid for my own Wedding, my parents were poor, but not as poor as Daddy's.., And your father lost his father when he was eight , I don't think he ever got over it... Also, tell everybody, that we did not have music at the wedding because my sister Nettie died at 31 the year before and your father was nice enough to postpone the wedding because of it...Also tell them that Abe proposed at the Chinese Restaurant on Flatbush, Seven-Eleven...OH, I just thought of something, 7-11 that must have been the address, 711 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, am I smart, BRILLIANT TEEN...Brilliant Teen, tell everybody to CALL ROSE! Posted by Hello

 #  posted by NONKINSENSE @ 2:49 AM //

Abe, what do you think about Ira, I named him after my mother and father, they would be so proud, isn't he something ? How ironic that of all the pictures, he found this one. Do you know what the Boat says behind us ? Shit Mazel that we both fell victim to Bad Medical Judgement and with me, you don't want to know, let's just say, Ira knows everything, the truth that is, not the Bullshit they tried to unload on him, only to have history repeat itself a month later. Fuck Paxil and fuck Shcleker, Shit in his Hat! Why didn't he tell you about Open Heart Surgery, look what it did for Morris and he's still alive. I'm so proud of Ira that he called Selma when he was in Florida and rented a Car to drive down from Port St Lucie where he saw the Mets, How do you think he got Norris to go, did he light a fire under his ass ? Why doesn't NOrris get a Paint job, it's been a 100 years since Donny and his friends were over, it must be your genes...Speaking of which, to be honest with you, I got to give credit to your side of the family, at least, they'll be the only relatives to show up at Cedar Park for my unveiling, I can't get over about Shirley and Lenny and Annie and Sandra, for that matter...It's their sister, aunt and if nothing else, they could pay their respects to Momma, Poppa and Nettie...And if they were real menches, they would visit your Mother's site at the Workman's Circle in respect for Ira, Louise and Phil...I always liked Phil and Louise is extraordinary, How do you like that Ira wants to work in Washington, THANK YOU GOD, it's about time he moved from a Studio and made a Life for himself. Posted by Hello

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Feelings count most, our relationship is as strong and loving as ever. Have a happy life and a satisfying career in whatever you choose...Love, Dad. Posted by Hello

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Pre-Polinski, Photo by L. Berke, Master Bedroom 4L, Guitar bought by Abe and Ira Nonkin at a Guitar Store around the corner from The Pushcart / Job Lot...Perhaps, I was not feeling too well this day, as I look a little green, Ira ronic, that I'm proud to be a member of Local 802 Greater NY Musician's Union, the chord I am playing is a G as in Green...HELP ME SPOCK, HELP ME SPOCK, I don't have e-mail ! Posted by Hello

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Kid, you're asking for trouble, on these, even if Donny is the only one reading the Blog and responding to the Lists...Boo Hiss, I know you too well, even if you're turning 43 in December and I have not seen you in 21 years, go ahead, start writing: Steve Frisch, Boy Scout and Youth Group, Son of Stan...Steve, alias, "The Plucker". Posted by Hello

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Nick, Here's my Nonkinsense: 1-The Rose of England is a couple of years away 2- You're drunk 3- Donny and Lori are either on the floor laughing or looking to change their e-mail address and listing in 3- It was the Come as Your Favorite Decade Party and I thought the Shirt said mid to late '60's when I bought it at Salvation Army on Ave V and Nostrand at the time. Posted by Hello

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In Front of Three Star, Here's What I know: 1-Norris has not changed his hairstyle or sideburns since the late '70's. 2-Dorothy Hamil was a big influence on Linda at the time 3-Mike Goodman looks like JD 4-Mike married Lynn 5-Uncle Jun is there, he's the one still The King, but, the Plucker was nowhere to be found ? Posted by Hello

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Nobody in their right mind, we'll believe you if you said Harry Smoller is no longer the State Assemblyman, so just forget about it...The next thing you'll tell us is that they are building luxury Condos on Canda Avenue and Lincoln Terrace and Dog Shit Field now has Astro Turf, Martins is a Duane Reade, Jahn's is Empire King, Silver Star got much bigger and Pathmark is open 24 hours where Waldbaums used to be, while Connie's lies next to Kress, which is Party City. Posted by Hello

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This is interesting, dig the shirt on the Rodent, Howard Bernstein, fahschluffen, as was one of the teachers standing up with his glasses somewhere off his face, Slamov indicating he's taking a nap in his Music Class, One Asian girl nodding off, Tammy Feldman deep in thought or in a deep schluff while Marcy and Alan looking at her, one teacher or guidance counselor on the phone ready to nod off another girl on the non wireless looks pretty awake, the girl by the window is looking for a bed it seems, the only Black person in the Lunchroom can just as well gay schluffen - what kind of school was this that still had Sleep as one of it's requirments for Graduation , Zelamsky has his usual smirk on his face but my guess he's counting sheep or personlized autographs in his collection, Klapper is long gone, don't bother waking him with a ten foot hockey stick with a curve on it. Posted by Hello

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Ok, it's some of your most prized autographs, Stuart Rachlin, Dennis Werth and Bucky Dent, that's right, folks, Dennis Werth, NY Yankee, C and 1B, started off red hot along with Joe Lefebvre in the Spring of 1980...Bucky Dent, I think some remember the guy, especially in Boston. Stuart Rachlin, obviously the most successful of the bunch. Autographs courtesy of Ira's High School Yearbook, which he took in to ELA World Wide Video, where he was working instead of attending the Spring Semester in his Senior Year for the Bucky Dent Show produced by Jack Brooks... Hey, Ira, do you want to tell everybody about the Nude, Semi nude women you shot on videotape ? The nude being part of the instructional public access show regarding reconstructive surgery after breast cancer ? Posted by Hello

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Let face it Nonkinsense, none of these young women would give you the time of day or even remember your first or last name, if you stuck your tongue down their throat in Mr. Price's French Club...How pathetic that when everybody was dancing in the Spring of 1980, you were working at ELA World Wide Video for the Executive High School Internship Program also attended by Fish and on the Weekend and Weeknights you're playing Stratomatic baseball by yourself or with Norris or if you're really lucky, Trivial Pursuit with Steven and Neil. Posted by Hello

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Dad, thanks for the writing of the caption already: Winter 1976, Cousins surrounding the new bride to be. Lillie's house. Norman was the photographer. Posted by Hello

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