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Friday, June 30, 2006

Brooklyn to the Bayou, Tres Bien.

Hi Janet, John, Lori & Ira,
It was another slick night with all of you. I had a great time.

Wasn't Willie Nile w/Jimmy Vivino great tonight! Let's go to Southpaw again! And... play there... with Slick!
Happy 4th of July!

*editor's note: Kudos to Arlan Feiles and His Lone Orchestra, asking the musical question: Do you have a deposit on feiles ?
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Here Comes Mr Nadroj...Scene 4

You Saw My Jack, You Get My Jack...And stop mumbling, Fuck Face, you're sounding more and more like the Mouse.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Here Comes Mr Nadroj...Scene 3

I know it's hard to believe Max, but, it's me... I had Bel, Mah, Esp, Lap, Neil, Tesp...You had Mik, Bal, Gil, Park, Orr, Giac... Glen Hall retired Max and we kept him on the set. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here Comes Mr Nadroj...Scene 2

Please Mr. Jordan, I've been over this a hundred times with Fuck Face over here, I was studying for finals in Buffalo that weekend...And that other thing? Come on, I had to pass that Blimpees every day. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 25, 2006

That's Not funny, that's Slick!

Hi Ira,

JP told me that he saw you at the Mermaid Parade yesterday. He said that you told him that we did a tight show.

I was very pleased with show. Going by the audience response, we connected. That's what its all about. Communicating with other people through music.

Yesterday, I only received 2 emails. One from Joe, and one from Janet.
Janet said - "whadda show everyone loved it!"
Joe sent me a picture (with no message). Here's the picture.

I always order a DVD of the show, and I did so this time. I'll make you a copy when I get it.
Touch base with me during the week.

See you soon.

and from JAF :
great show, keyboards sounded great...where do we go from here ... find a bag for tonight, what am I going to wear? go to lower broadway to get boots? new skirt? make hair different, put on makeup with trowel... You Go Girl ! Somehow, don't think the rest of Slick have the above to think about. Ira

Smoke, them J.'s : Slick comprised of J.Goldstein, J. Noser, J.Ficara, J.Morris, J.Ira J.Gagliardi, & J.Panessidi gave us a great mix of music from the Grateful Dead to the wonderful vocals of Janet singing an Alice Peacock tune “Send My Heart Back Home.” Studio J

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Here Comes Mr Nadroj... Scene 1

I told you there had to be a mistake, you got the birthdays right, but, just look at those names: Nitram Namgis, Yrag Eyak, Cram Natlas, Toile Wortso - Hey anybody know where I can get some real Chicken Chow Mein around here?Posted by Picasa

Next week you guys, today is Randy's Birthday...And I'm afraid I must remind you again:

es-O-ter-ic adj 1 : designed for or understood only by the specially initiated 2: PRIVATE, SECRET Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

Born, To Ran(dy)

Hey Big Man, you know what time it is ? No, it ain't Christmas time and I can't afford to get you another new saxophone. It's Birthday Time and 'bout time we wish Randy a Happy Birthday, for tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life of Brian

Happy 64th Birthday to Brian Wilson!. At the risk of wiping-out, I will say that he is one of the Ten Most Important People in the History of Rock'N'Roll. Virtually impossible for me to choose any number of songs, here are Five Favorites:

1. Smile (1967) - Beach Boys (I have one of the many versions. Brilliant as fabled).
2. Wonderful - Beach Boys (Appropriately titled. One of Brian's most beautiful melodies with personal meaning to me.) .
3. Pet Sounds - Beach Boys (Legendary and rightfully so).
4. I Get Around - Beach Boys (Brian begins surfing towards the future.).
5. Orange Crate Art - Brian Wilson and Van Dyle Parks (Despite the critics, this could be a lost Beach Boys Classic.).

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Let It (a)Be

Paul McCartney, born, June 18, 1942.

Top Five McCartney (solo or Beatles):

1-Hey Jude
2-Let It Be
3-Penny Lane
4-Maybe I'm Amazed
5-I Saw Her Standing There ( I believe Paul gets most of the credit for writing this one at an early age prior to meeting John )


* in regard to Beatles, I would include songs known to be Paul McCartney's or predominately, Paul McCartney, rather than Lennon/McCartney.
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When I'm 64, Gospel According to Rob / Paul

Some of my favorite songs written by Paul McCartney. In no particular order

1) All My Loving
2) I Saw Her Standing There
3) Can't Buy Me Love
4) Things We Said Today
5) And I Love Her
6) We Can Work It Out
7) Michelle
8) Eleanor Rigby
9) For No One
10) Got to Get You Into My Life
11) Here There and Everywhere
12) Penny Lane
13) I Will
14) Let It Be
15) The Long and Winding Road

16) Maybe I'm Amazed either studio version or live
17) Beware My Love live on Wings Over America
18) Venus and Mars/Rock Show/Jet live on Wings Over America
19) Live and Let Die - once again, the live versions are far better than the studio version
20) Jenny Wren, Commander Starriders
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

When I'm Sixty Four

My perspective for Sir Paul's 64th is slightly different. Here are five "Birthday Presents" written soley (upon information and beleif) by Sir Paul for other artists:

1. World Without Love - Peter and Gordon
2. Woman - Peter and Gordon
3. Come and Get It - Badfinger
4. Step Inside Love - Cilla Black
5. Goodbye - May Hopkin
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Can't miss, Cranberry Street. Really, Really Raelly good!  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ian, Howie, Mets the Hoople

I was watching the Mets v. Arizona last night (yes, I occasionally watch the Mets) when the camera focused in on a man wearing sunglasses (Arizona is an indoor stadium). Howie Rose said (paraphrase): "Is that really necessary, who does he think he is, Ian Hunter?"

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just perhaps, you keep setting yourself up for failure to avoid the responsibility of making a new life for yourself ?

Impressive Credentials ? Why it's merely an outgrowth of his childlike obsessions with television, Sports and Music.  Posted by Picasa

Resume on file.

Yum, Yum, another resume on file...Oscar also like when we go to West Palm Beach, Miami, Towson, Owings Mills, Pasaic, Silver Spring, Columbia, Rockville, Vermont Avenue, Wisconsin Avenue, Tyson Corner, Chantilly and Greenbelt. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Can you say jerking your chain?

Dear Ira:
Thank you so much for coming in to interview for the position of Coordinator, WLIE Daily Operations Schedule in the Broadcast Operations department. Although your training and experience are very impressive, we have selected a person whose background more specifically parallels the requirements of the position.
I would like to keep your resume in our active files so that we can consider you for any future employment opportunities that are commensurate with your skills and background.
I appreciate the opportunity to have met you, and I sincerely hope you find the position that will best utilize your strengths and provide you the career and growth opportunities you deserve.
Best wishes to you in your continued search.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Feeling fine, thanks for asking...

Billy was right, everybody likes some kind of music... One of my favorite album titles, R.I.P. Billy Preston. A Top Five for the Man Who Helped The Beatles Get Back:

1. Little Red Rooster (Sam Cooke's version with some wonderful, playful Organ by Billy)
2. Anything with the Beatles
3. Anything with the Stones
4. Nothing From Nothing (Leaves Nothing)
5. You Are So Beautiful (yes, I know we've heard Joe Cocker's version once too often but a simple elegant song, nonetheless)

With the passing of Vince Welnick, you wonder if there is a third keyboardist on the horizon...


Monday, June 05, 2006

The Wire Room, in Sheepshead Bay ? Patsh zich nit in beicheleh, ven fisheleh iz noch in teicheleh.

GP Holding Strong.

He's still there, but the others are gone. Glad it lives on, Buddy Lions. Yeah babe I know that it gets dark, down by Luna Park but everybody else, is squeezing out a spark That happened in the heat, somewhere in the dark, in the dark. GP

GP Lyrics Devil's Sidewalk
Took a walk down hell's pavement Took a walk down pulled by the tide I had to make some new arrangement Oh I thought I'd reach the other side Then someone opened up their mouth to talk They said (hey!) you ain't where you think you are You just landed on the devil's sidewalk Had a minor misunderstanding With a street lamp one night The smell of burning ... rubber hit my senses I thought I'd reach the other side When someone opened up their mouth to talk They said (hey!) you ain't where you think you are You're just stranded on the devil's sidewalk You're just stranded on the devil's sidewalk And it's cold, so cold and it's cold, so cold and it's cold, so cold No-one's got names, under the flames Everyone screams, hope its a dream nothing makes sense, everything's tense Wish I could say what it meant Took a long look down at the mirror Couldn't see my face at all Just those strait lines, leading to nowhere Oh I thought I'd reach the other side When someone opened up their mouth as if to talk They said (hey!) you ain't where you think you are You just landed on the devil's sidewalk You just landed on the devil's sidewalk...GP

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Armegideon time, Nostrand & Hitchings, The Clash.

Bm F#m7 Bm F#m7
A lot of people won't get no supper tonight
Bm F#m7 Bm F#m7
A lot of people won't get no justice tonight
Bm F#m7 Bm F#m7
The battle is gettin hotter

Bm F#m7 Bm F#m7
In this iration, Armegideon time
A lot of people runnin and a hiding tonight
A lot of people won't get no justice tonight
Remember to kick it over
No one will guide you - Armegideon time


Ira,"We tripped the light fantastic on the sidewalks of New York". DonnyPosted by Picasa

Nostrand and Hitchings, Back in Time, Now.

No longer another grey area. I know Graham, your song applies, we all (3 from Sheepshead Bay, born and bred )
know will miss what was left behind, Nostrand and Hitchings. There could never be anything remotely close to GP Way, Bring On the Nubiles.

The artist/vandal remains a mystery.
Back in time
graham parker

Intro Em Am Am7

G Em
You stop in the old cafe where you used to play pinball
C Am
And look for the air-raid shelter but it's gone and the cafe seems so
G Em
small and all the gardens That had trees and stolen apples
C Am
now have small businesses flourishing in cinder blocks
G Em Am C
Then they will call your name and hand you a gold watch
G Em Am C
Then they will call your name but it doesn't sound like much
G Em C Am
And you'll never discover why it's like an old lover
G Em Am C
you can't touch anymore It doesn't mean much anymore
G Em Em Am Am7 Em Em Am Am7
when you go back in time back in time

You head down to the local try to find a focal point
A scratch in the wallpaper but it's all been wallpapered over
Down at the newsagents it's all pornography
And you try to get high again but it's like time-lapse photography
Then they will call your name and hand you a medal
Or something more practical like a whistling kettle
and it'll test your metal Just try to keep grinning
knowing that this feeling is Indulgence worse than sinning
trying to go back in time

Instrumental section (chords like verse but not as many.)

G Em
Photographs with a glossy finish letters lovers never finished
C Am (G)
And there in a dusty drawer a necktie you once wore
G Em
And a girl you tried to court made you feel about two feet short
C Am
Where is she now today? What would she have to say?
G Em Am C
Then they will call your name and hand you a pension
G Em Am C
A bottle of pills that guarantee life extension
G Em C Am
and give you a mention in the local boy makes good section
G Em Am C
But all the old news is like print stains across your mind
G Em Em Am Em Em Am
when you go back in time

Yes all this old news is just print stains across your mind
when you go back in time, Back in time (repeat and fade)

It will always live on in our memories......GRAHAM PARKER,THE CLASH,B-52S, BRING ON THE NUBILES -Buddy Lions
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Happy Birthday Profjen

Happy Birthday (Wednesday) profjen, do these ladies know how to throw a party or what?

It couldn't have been a more perfect night. I was surrounded by people I enjoy the company of, doing the thing I'm most passionate about which is making music. profj. Posted by Picasa